Setting Goals for Weight Loss While on Weight Watchers

Setting Weight Loss Goals

Setting goals for weight loss is so important but they need to be done in two steps. Step one is know the over all weight loss number you want to reach. Write it down and only look at it once a month. Do not let yourself get fixed on the over all number because you will feel like it is taking forever to reach.

Step two is break that number down to levels so it are more reachable. Example, I have 15 pounds I would like to loss so everyday I am not thinking about 15. I am thinking about trying to hit a 1 pound a week loss. If all I need to do is loss 1 pound at a time I can work with that.

Lose Weight Safely

Do not let the weight come off to fast. Anytime I take off weight at more than 2 pounds a week I always gain it back. I find when I take it off to fast I really did not make a lifestyle change but only a quick change. With weight lose and keeping it off you want to change habits and lifestyle. That's why I never go on a diet, I change my lifestyle!

Stick with the same menu

I would recommend sticking with the same menu until you get used to your new way of life. I have the same breakfast almost everyday. I have a honey crisp apple, 16 oz of water,  and 3 oz of Greek yogurt. This ends up putting me at 2 points for breakfast. I find this helpful because I know the points and its easy. With dinner I mix it up but I keep a book with the recipe and points ready to go!

Plan Your Meals

Every Sunday evening I sit down and plan my week. I try to think about what after school activities we have or what day is a longer work day. This helps me know which day will be a crock pot day! When I don't plan we end up in a drive thru which is always a loose loose..........I loose my points and I loose money!!!

I hope these items have been helpful as you make your lifestyle change and stay away from the D WORD.......DIET!

Have a happy weekend!!!

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