My Last Year In My 30's.................

What a year this is!! My last year in my 30's, my daughter will be graduating this year and heading off to college, my son will finish elementary school and will start middle school. So many new chapters in my life and its all so exciting! I am truly blessed and God is awesome!

Here is a little picture into my Birthday!!!

My family did a great job with wonderful gifts. Here is one of my favorites.

A new hard case and key board for my IPad. I love it and I see lots of blogging to come!!!

I have also wanted to try this product line for so long. I love the way it smells and my hair is so soft.

So my day,,,,,, I went to Trey's basketball game and what a present he gave me. He made a basket and had was so pleased with himself!

Then we made a stop and made a new friend. He was beautiful and so playful. We wanted to take him home! Look at him as we smiles with us.

He decided to give Trey a surprise kiss! 

                                                I love his smile. He is such a happy horse.

Then it was time for a Birthday treat and whats better than cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!

No worries I shared every last one of them and only took a very small bite!

Then we were off to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

A very special thank you to my family for making this such a special day!!!


Courtney said...

happy birthday!!

Crystal {MissCrystalMakeup} said...

Happy Birthday! It's my last year in my 30's as well. I have until the fall though. I feel ok about it. ;)
xo Crystal

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