What I Eat for Almost Every Breakfast While on Weight Watchers

Like so many of you my mornings are so busy its hard enough stopping to grab breakfast. My Monday thru Sunday is packed full from work, church, taking kids to school, and working out. I try to make breakfast one of my easiest meals so I wont skip it!

Here is an example of my Saturday morning as we are rushing out the door to Trey's basketball game. I love Chobani Greek vanilla yogurt with mini chocolate chips. My serving size that I have for breakfast is only 2 points. Since it is a Greek yogurt I am also getting protein. With the apple added its 0 points for a total of 2 points for the meal.

Last month during my Weight Watchers meetings our routine that we had to put into our life schedule was having a fruit or vegetable with every meal. Normally since I am short on time I would have skipped this but I am sticking with the plan! I love to have an apple each morning with my yogurt.

To make my breakfast complete I eat the yogurt, the apple, and drink 18 oz of water. The water is also made to take on the go but I try to drink it within 20 minutes. This is so easy and no reason to not have breakfast and start your day off right.

I usually take one day a week and make something a little more over the top that still fits within my points. Also many times for lunch I will make a breakfast item like protein waffles or pancakes.

Have you been eating your breakfast?


Oh Sunnie Day said...

I love chobani! Apparently I've been missing out on the chocolate chip one lol



Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I eat my breakfast everyday. Usually it is oatmeal, but lately I have been loving the special k breakfast sandwiches. I also made some frozen fruit bars with granola and vanilla greek yogurt today. I figure they might make a good breakfast or a morning snack.

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