Tips on Eating Out While on Weight Watchers

Well I will have to answer to the scale on Monday!!! I don't think it is going to have something nice to say! This will without a doubt help you see that I am just a normal person and my hope is you can learn from my lessons.

This weekend we were thrown off our plan twice. (I am also a week into the New Year and not sticking with my resolution of not eating out.....yiks all the way around!) With one we failed and the other we passed! We had something special to celebrate so we went out to dinner at The Hungry Owl on Friday night. Then Saturday we had a day full of shopping and stopped at The Olive Garden for lunch.

To start Friday night we went all out. I acted liked I was rebelling against points and boy did I feel bad afterwards!!! Don't get me wrong the food was wonderful but the golden rule is, if you eat out plan your menu before you walk in the door and stick to it!!!

Fun snap shots while we were on the waiting list.

Trey and I sitting waiting on our table. This would have been the perfect time to get on my IPhone and plan our what I was going to eat.

We had the coolest spot with our booth facing the kitchen. Was fun to see all the action! Hold onto your seats because here comes the points!!!!

This was a crawfish cheese appetizer on pita bread. So yummy!!!

I had the burger and red beans and rice. Now as if those were not bad enough look what we had for dessert!

The four of us split the apple cobbler and the bread pudding. What were we thinking!!!

So the lessons learned from this is always plan your meal before you sit down. If not you are setting yourself up for failure. If you cant plan ahead then take a few minutes before placing your order and look items up. Here are some other great lessons for when you eat out.

Saturday we went out to shop! I will also post on some great goodies I found.

Just one of the little goodies I picked up from Banana Republic. I love this scarf! On a side note Ann Taylor, JCrew, Banana Republic all had great sales!

We did so much better on this trip. Here are several tips to help you!! The first is when we knew we were going to eat out we first planned on Chick-fil-a where I already knew the points and I wished I stayed with my plan. Instead we went to The Olive Garden but we did try very hard to stay on track.

I spent several minutes reviewing the menu. When we first sat down they provided us with a dinner menu. I requested a lunch menu not for cost saving measures but for portions. Of course cutting the cost is great but we did not need dinner portions for lunch. I set a plan and I stuck with it.

They were also giving out free samples of red wine. We said no because the points would add up fast even when something is FREE!

Sitting on our table was the dessert menu with wonderful bread pudding looking at me and calling my name. Ask them to remove it! Do not be afraid to ask this because if you have to sit there during dinner looking at this you will give in!!!

Even my drink coaster had dessert on it. This also had to go. How can you not order dessert after seeing this all through your meal.

Try to ask them to not bring bread before you order but if they do then very quickly ask them to take it away. Don't even put yourself in a position that you have to fight the urge to not eat it.

I ordered the house salad with a side of a chicken breast. I only spent 6 points on my meal! If you order a dish try to ask for a to go box when the meal comes out and right away split it in half and package it up.

 Just remember to make a plan and stick to it! I hope this helps you have an idea how to handle eating out. If you do go down the wrong road like we did Friday night just jump right back on track with the next meal.

We will see how it goes in the morning! This will be week 4 with my weigh ins and might be my first one to not loose. If so I will use it as motivation and tweak my plan.

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I bet you'll be fine at weigh in. Just don't have those high calorie treats too often. Make one day a week the special day. I've followed the basic ww lifestyle for almost 10 years now. If you slip up, just get back on track at the next meal. Stacie xo

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