"The Impossible" Movie Night

Tonight Trey, Dallas, and I went to see The Impossible. I believe this was one of the best movies I have ever seen. All three of us stayed glued to the screen and on the edge of our seats. Its one of those movies you really do need to see at the movies on the big screen. We have a media movie bonus room at our home but this is worth seeing at the movies. I think I gasped out loud twice!

I would love to talk to this family in person. Wow....this was really something!!! I don't want to give anything away but such a powerful movie.

source from Google photo

When we entered we had so much fun because we were the only people in the room. I love doing fun things and making memories every chance I can. Here are a few of our fun photos!

100% silly and having so much fun!!!

I accidentally hit the flash and it lit the room up completely on top of blinding us!!
Trey and Dallas finding us the perfect seats. So much fun when you are the first one there!!!

Only 4 months left she is will be off to college. We take in every minute!!!

Tory gets her own seat every time. She is a bit full............I wonder why?
Be sure to use everyday and make fun memories!!!

Do you plan to see this movie?

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