Going Strong on Weight Watchers....Adding a New Workout

After my weigh in this week and having an extra 1.4 pound gain instead of a loss I wanted to add something new and fresh in my schedule. With 500 miles under my belt for 2012 I am still running but also looking to add a few new things in.

So tonight I tried out a new ladies only fitness center. They offer so many fitness classes which is works great for me. Tonight I took RPM.

RPM is an indoor cycling class workout where you ride to the rhythm to the music. A new class is routed every 3 months. It was very cool! The moves range from flat road biking to taking on the hills.

This is the classroom. The greatest part is they black out the lights and turn the music up. I loved it. Since this was my first class I grabbed a bike on the back row. I talked Dallas into joining me and she did awesome.

You can see I grabbed the corner back row bike. I also wore all black so the black lights would not make me stand out. I was proud of my hard work!

A few more classes I plan to take over the next several days will be:

As you can see I hit my goal of 500 miles last year so this year I want to be in the hundred range but I also want to add several different types of workouts in to stay motivated and fit.

What new class do you want to try?


Courtney said...

i would love to try some les mills classes, especially combat!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I love spin, actually really love it. It is great cross training for running!
The one class I really want to try is barre!

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