Instagram- Last Week of December

One of the items Dallas had on her Christmas list was a Puffer Vest and I was so excited when I found them for her. I actually liked them so much I picked two up for myself. Here is a peak at them because they are so comfortable and I love the look.

Be careful where you pick yours up because some can be very thick and in my opinion not flattering but Old Navy has the best looking vest. There are about 4 colors to pick from and so many ways to wear them.

I first saw these on this blog and new there were just what she wanted!

We had a little after Christmas get together at our home and I am always excited when I get to use my plates I picked up last year. I just love them!

Its always a great idea to put a little something together when you have a guest stop by for a quick visit. The cream cheese red pepper jelly is always a hit.

A very special gift shared for a special someone this week.

We had or final 2013 Girls Lunch today which was such a special treat since Dallas leaves to head back to college life this weekend.

We even managed to find her a special treat since Ann Taylor just happened to be next door! They have a great 60% off clearance in store sale going on right now.

Now here is to 2014 and bringing running back into my life. This year is going to full of health and fitness. I have my plans laid out which will include a running plan of 3 times a week with 2 days of weights. I plan to have 1 registered 5K ran a month and would love to run in a Disney Half Marathon this year. I would also like to participate in one more Rock n Roll Half.
So you should see check in post through each week along with race photos, at least you better see!

Here's to a wonderful, powerful, prosperous, blessed 2014~May all of our blessings over flow because God's hands will be on them!


Very Simple Breakfast Idea With Sausage Biscuits

I made several items on Christmas for breakfast and this was one of them. Its really so easy and simple I almost didn't post it but since its something I am going to keep on hand for the school week for my son I felt I should share. I can not believe I have not made this before.

All you need is a can of biscuits and sausage. Cook each as package directions call for. Then serve on a beautiful platter so they seem more than what they are! Serve with a side of several different choices of mustard and you have a hit!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Day After Christmas Shopping Haul With Great Sales

Dallas and I started the morning by getting up at 5:30am and hit the road at 6:30am. This is the only day of the year I get up early for sales and I only have a few key places I like to go. I am not looking for sale ads, I am only on a mission to Pier One, Target, and Ann Taylor. We did stop at a few other stores at Dallas request.

I love her new puffer vest and mustache sweatshirt! Burr it was cold this early in the morning but we had a mission to accomplish.

Our first stop was Starbucks.

Pier 1 was a success. Each year I love to go to Pier 1 and pick out a new pair of matching Nutcrackers for my collection that I place around my house during Christmas. Here is a little peak at a couple of the items.

This years 2013 pick for my collection!

I also picked up this box of 2013 collection of mini nutcrackers. I will be placing these at each persons table setting and I know it will be so cute!

The good news is I found 8 more napkins for my kitchen table which will go along with the 8 that I purchased last week for my dining room.

I purchased the amazing pillow for my silver and black guest bedroom because it was 50% off and I think it will look great all year. Its so pretty the stones.

Then we were off to Target. I was pleased with adding chargers to my collection and the perfect table cloth to put on my buffet table which I will be setting up next year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its perfect with the red for Christmas and the gold leaves for Thanksgiving.

You might not be able to see in the picture but in the center of the table cloth is a strap that holds the table cloth together and buttons in the back. Perfect for storing it.

I was so excited when I found these two pieces that Target considered Christmas. I had the perfect place for them in my master bathroom.

Its so pretty and even better would you believe I picked up both pieces for under $8.00 total!

Another successful find with candles priced 50% off! I love having these around the house and lit after a day at the office. They smell so good!

Then we were off to Ann Taylor for their 60% in store sale.

I love these two necklaces and the picture doesn't even begin to show how pretty they are. I can not wait to pair them up with a couple of outfits I have in mind.

I also picked up this gray over sized shirt and one in white. They are so pretty with leggings, boots, and a scarf paired with them or the necklace. They are also very soft and even though they are long sleeve they are thin which will be perfect for the spring since it warms up in the south.

To end our day we were off to lunch at Mellow Mushroom. The pizza was a new one for us and was yummy.

I love this photo that I happened to catch while we were laughing so hard at fun stuff!

Pretzels dipped in ranch! Yes new diet plan starts tomorrow!

We had so much fun. We hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and sending you many wishes for a blessed 2014!


Cream Cheese Pepper Jelly Christmas Tree Recipe

I recently found this recipe on Pinterest under the Holiday section and had to try it. I just loved how it turned out and is so festive. Take this to any event and your hostess will really think you went out of your way to do something special!


1 pack of cream cheese
1 jar of red pepper jelly
I used a cut green straw or you can use green onion as your tree trunk
1 box of wheat thins

Cut your cream cheese block into a triangle shape so you can piece them back together in the shape of a Christmas tree. Top with red pepper jelly and post wheat thins around your plate. Perfect!


This Week from the View of Instagram

Its always fun to go back and look at your week from the view of Instagram especially during Christmas. With all the Boards and groups I am part of they have all had Christmas breakfast, lunch, or some type of party. Its been fun seeing everyone during this festive time.

Its been great having Dallas work at my office since we had a need. She is such a great help and what could be better since she is home from college for the holidays. I just take in every minute of it!

She is always hard at work!

We went for a girls dinner Friday night at Bonefish. I have to share one item you have to ask for that I only recently had shared with me.

When they bring the bread to your table ask for a dish of the Lime, Tomato, Garlic Sauce. It is the best and so yummy to dip your bread in! Yummo!

Also this week I found a new blog. http://www.kevinandamanda.com/
On her blog she posted this picture of her Christmas table. I just knew I had to have these napkins she picked up at Pier 1. They would be perfect with my Christmas table. I started calling the two locations near me and no one had them. They were also sold out online but I am happy to report I found them at a store about an hour and a half away from me. I jumped in the car and picked up the 8 I needed! Yea!!!

Headed out for Christmas to here the Christmas Carol music which I love! This time next year he is going to be taller than me.

Quick photo before the music starts.

After church I had to grab a quick photo in front of their beautiful tree.

Merry Christmas from us to you!

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