This Week In Weight Watchers Class I Learned...

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This week in our Weight Watchers class Eddie and I learned that we must always have a snack on us. I am learning there are a lot of choices that are good for you. Some of my favorite are:

I put this in my pack with a plastic spoon and then I can toss it. Almost all of them are zero points...awesome!
I love these chips and you can have 20 for 2 points. Its perfect to pair with lunch or a salty snack fix.
Now this is what gets me through my sweet tooth late in the evening. We love these! Most of these range from 1 to 2 points.
When I am low on points and I know I need to finish my day I will go for fruit. Most fruit is 0 points. I can keep this on me and can eat in the middle of the day.

Cheese sticks are also so easy to keep on me and eat fast between meetings. Most are 1 to 2 points so a good "hold you over snack."
Are you doing a good job keeping your snack on you at all times?

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