The Journey Reaching My Running Goal for 2012!

When I entered 2012 I was signed up to take part in a relay marathon run. We each had a little over 5 miles to run. At that point it was my longest race and my part was pretty tough. I was very proud of my time and once I finished I was ready for what was next. When you receive your first medal there is no turning back.

I was ready to sign up and train for my first half marathon. I decided it was going to be the New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I realized its not just the run but the journey getting there. The 16 weeks training up to the point of race day is such a growing experience. You learn just how far you can push yourself. You also find that mentally you can push yourself in a completely new direction.

One of my favorite moments was steps away from the finish line. The first time to ever cross the finish line in a half marathon is something I will never forget. Having my family there was also amazing.

I was very pleased with my time for my first half marathon!!

Here is where I made my mistake.........I was ready for my next medal but didn't plan properly. I went 4 weeks and jumped right back into a run. I didn't train properly because I was worn out from my first 16 weeks of training. I thought I could take a break and feed off my first run. Also the temperature was completely different. I went from New Orleans in early March to Florida beach in April. I learned so much from this run. I really made so many mistakes from temperature, training, and taking in to many electrolytes. But I did finish!!!

I did not want to end my year with a race like my 2nd one so I signed up for one more. Savannah Rock n Roll was the one to end the year. What a run this was! Without a doubt this was my favorite. I was ready and trained hard!

I also ran a handful of 5k races during the year and with each I was able to improve my time. Now I need to lay out a plan for 2013.

What races do you plan to run in 2013?
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