Sunday Fun and Weight Watchers Update

Trey had basketball practice so Eddie, Dallas, and I finished up some shopping and grabbed lunch. We had great afternoon and I just take in every minute of days like this since Dallas will be off to college in 7 months!!!

You never go wrong with Mexican lunch!

We are trying to stick with our Weight Watchers plan because we are only on week two but I will admit we have not been good this week.  Eddie has tried but I have been a bad influence! I had surgery on my mouth this past week and was forced to eat a lot of ice cream!!! Then for two of the days I really felt like doing nothing but resting so that's where the fast food came in. Then once I was up and moving the excitement of Christmas was in the air and we seem to be eating out! I was going to skip the weigh in but I am going to face it!! Monday mornings is the day for our weigh in and if they are open since its Christmas Eve we will be there. When I wake up in the morning we are right back on track.
Here is what I have learned this week. If you mess up with one meal don't let it mess up your day. If you mess up your day don't let it mess up your week!!! As soon as you can jump right back on schedule! The one advantage I have is for 3 days this week I didn't feel like eating much which helped me keep my points down. The problem is I was eating soft foods like ice cream!

Eddie and I went out for a 5 mile run/walk today and it was just great to get out. It really motivated me to sit down this week and plan my runs for 2013!

Here's to NOW with eating better and getting back on track!!
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