que bella Face Mask Review from Target

I love a mud mask so I tried a few new mask from the line of que bella. I purchased them from Target and they were $2.99 a piece.

I really enjoyed them and only had an issue with one. Lets start with that one, it was the dead sea salt. I found it to burn just a little and burn doesn't equal relaxing. I was able to get 3 good uses out of each packet. I found this happened during each use. This one was suppose to wake up tired skin but I don't think I will use this one again.

You can pamper your
face with the naturally chocalicious treat - let the goodness of chocolate, seaweed-extract and natural beeswax penetrate your skin to deep-cleanse and revitalise. Very easy to use and I only had to
 cleanse my face with warm water then apply the mask. I was able to  relax and enjoy for up to 15 minutes while the chocolate goes to work then rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.

The cucumber mask is more of a full face cover sheet that sits on your face and then you take off. It is very cooling and relaxing. My face was very hydrated after. The face mask is enriched with natural cucumber and witch-hazel extracts –I found it to remove dead cells and tone my face for a deep, soothing clean. Loved it and would by again. I was able to fold it and place it back in the package for another use.

You can never go wrong with an Aloe Vera mask. This is another one I would also purchase again.

I really do like this line of mask and the price point is great at 2.99 because again you are getting about 3 uses out of one packet. You deserve to treat yourself!

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