Pretzel Snack Ideas While On Weight Watchers

I am keeping an eye out on everything and counting points so I can have good choices to snack on. I found these snack chips that are perfect to go with a sandwich or just when you need something salty. They have several different flavors.

The buffalo wings have a little heat to them!

I also like the original because its a nice salty thin pretzel. There is something about how its thin that I like. You can have 10 for 3 points. That might not sound like a lot but they are actually pretty big.

I also like Snyders pretzels because you can have 20 for 3 points.

The Rold Gold has a new Honey Mustard Pretzel that's really good. Again you get about 20 for 3 points.

Whats your favorite healthy snack?
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