Pack A Snack and Walk Away!! Thats The Weight Watchers Way!

This month in Weight Watchers the habit we are suppose to learn is to pack a snack. Well I would like you to look at what is on my desk! My cheese stick is in the freg staying chilled to go perfectly with my apple.

What are my challenges during the day............I walk in this morning and we are celebrating a Birthday!

I put it down and didnt even take a bite! Its funny when these moments make you so proud! In my business people are bringing in fresh baked treats everyday so being able to say no really is something big!

When I went in the kitchen for my 3:00 cup of coffee guess what met me on the table. More cake!

I am posting this to remind myself that you can walk away and it really does feel good when you do!

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Samantha Krivensky said...

Love it! I always feel soo accomplished after turning down a sweet that I don't need. Just started following your blog, I am also on WW and trying to get my life in gear :) Congrats to your success!!

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