A Christmas Not to Forget In 2012

This Christmas is one I know we will not forget but two of those highlights were the following:

To start I was very proud of myself because I did all of my Christmas shopping early because I knew I had dental surgery I would be resting from. I made almost all of my purchases from online sites because shopping in stores is just not as fun as it used to me. Just before Christmas Trey shared with Eddie and I that he wanted a new study bible. So Christmas Eve Eddie and I went out to purchase the perfect one. It was such a blessing being able to purchase this for your child. I still remember when I bought Dallas her first bible.

We spent a lot of time reviewing everything to make sure we had the perfect one. You know my Eddie is a police officer and I found this one that I loved.

There is a badge in the leather cover. Just beautiful!

We picked out the one for Trey and ran back home to make it to Christmas Eve service.

We were going to Christmas Eve mass so I wanted Trey to open his Bible before attending. He was so excited!

Headed to church for Christmas Eve!

I was also very excited for Dallas to open up one of her gifts on Christmas Eve before she went to a Christmas Eve gathering. I think the entire theme for her was monogram. From Jewelery to clothing which I will share in a separate post because I found some awesome Etsy vendors.

Now to part two of a Christmas we will not forget! A tornado whipped through the downtown part of our city. Thank goodness no one was killed. We had two separate bans that had to go through so we were glued to the news for almost three hours as they covered step by step. So scary!!!

Trey and I have been watching  this season of Doomsday Preppers so I have to share how he was so smart and put the bathroom together for the three of us.

He had his bag which by the way came from the Savannah Rock n Roll run! It was packed with a change of clothes and safety gear. He had us two diet root beer cans, a blanket, and under the blanket is his new bible. Not seen in the photo which he brought after was his Air Soft Gun he received. Now that is a sourthern boy for you, his bible and his airsoft gun!

He just could not be any cuter! I was so proud of both Trey and Dallas as they stayed so calm and collected. Me........now that's another story! Bad weather scares me like nothing else. Lets just say I had to stay busy and my house is clean from top to bottom!!

We are so thankful and feel so blessed for such a wonderful and safe Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful day also! Happy Birthday Jesus!


Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas- minus the tornado warnings. Yikes!

I love monogram too and there are lots of great etsy vendors that are selling it.

Courtney said...

too adorable! glad no one was hurt!

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