Dinner at Uncle Bubba's in Savannah

This is my final post from our trip to Savananah. On our first night and the night before my half marathon we went to dinner at Uncle Bubba's which I am sure all of you know is Paula Deen's brothers restuarant.

This was our 2nd time eating at Uncle Bubba's and I believe it will be the last time. No real reason of anything that went wrong just no big Wow except for the price!

A few photos of us as we arrived into Savannah after a very long ride!

I didn't get to take any photos inside Uncle Bubba's but we grabbed a few as we were leaving. A sweet man stopped and asked if we wanted us to take a photo. I was very grateful so I didn't have the heart to say he missed the Uncle Bubba sign!

I think I would save your money on this stop and just make a trip to Paula Deen's! Nothing wrong but just was so plain at such a high cost. Its hard for me to say that since something good was in the food because I ran my best half marathon the next morning!!!


Teamarcia said...

I miss Savannah and need to go back soon!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Ya'll are just so cute. Your son has the BEST eyeglasses -- I am looking for some new ones, he needs to give me some tips on picking out a stylish pair! :)

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