A Few Things I Have Learned While Running

As many of you know I only started running just under two years ago. I had no running experience in my school years so this is something I had to learn as I went and teach myself. I had to pick these things up quickly because I started running 5k races and wanted to jump right into half marathons.

Who ever said," just put on a pair of shoes and take off "is very wrong. Running can turn into an expensive habit but I love the benefits you get!

These tips are really for new runners because I know experienced runners will be pros to these but I think its worth mentioning because I had to learn them along the way.

1.When running near traffic even if you are running on sidewalks or side of the road always run into the direction of traffic and not the same direction. You might not see a need for it when running on a sidewalk but my husband who is a police LT. could tell you any type of accident can happen at any time. People have been known to run up on sidewalks and curbs. You always want to have your vision clear and prepared for anything that could come towards you and not behind you.

2.When running past someone give them a "On your right" shout out. There is nothing worse to have someone speed by you either on foot or bike and it scare you half to death! I also try to say "Hi" or "On your left." I was running one night as the sun was going down fast and twice the same guy caused me to scream. You would have thought he would see I was jumpy the first time! :)

3. I apologies in advance for this one.....there is no peeing on the side of the road during a race gentleman. I say gentlemen because that is all I have run across and if any ladies do this than it really applies! I was blown away during my first half marathon this year at the New Orleans Rock N Roll half marathon a guy a few yards in front of me came to a stop and started peeing right on the tree. I have been in 5K races with my son and there will be someone peeing on the side of the road. Sorry to say but this is not OK. Just imagine you have a VIP porta potty pass and use it. :)

4. Give a wave or node to your fellow runners as you pass them. I really am surprised how many people make more of an effort to look away than just say hi or node. I love all the friends I have made from running. Funny story....I have an older gentleman at my park that every time I pass him its like the first time he has ever seen me but I still say Hi every time!

5. I always wait until someone ask me for my advice when it comes to running. This is a sport where everyone sets their own pace and have different achievements. I would never want to make someone feel bad for running a pace that I passed months ago just as I will celebrate with someone that passed my pace. I love that runners encourage each other no matter where they are!! No running snobs!

Just a few tips for today but the biggest one is just get out there and go. No matter your pace because you will see improvement as you go! Keep up the great work!

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Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Great tips, but the last & biggest one is the most important. Just lace up and go! Everyone has to start somewhere....

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