Bayfest 2012 5K Race Review

This race was a lot of fun and with just over 700 runners it wasn't crowded. This was my first time running in this race and I am sure I will sign up again. The course is flat and goes through the downtown streets of Mobile. The only negative was the humidity.....it was hot! The after party was fun with great music and plenty of room to walk around.

Here are pictures from race day!!

Trey and I before the race!

I took my Oakley sunglasses off to take the photo above and sat them on the back tire on the jeep. I forgot I placed them there and would you believe they stayed sitting on the tire during the race and the 75 mpd ride home on the interstate. Someone flagged us down to tell us there were sitting on the tire. What a blessing!
Getting ready for the start of the race.....

The line up and taking off!

Top finishers! Awesome job!

More crowd photos......

Trey did such an awesome job! Earlier this year he ran a 5K with me and he had a finish time of 38 something but this race he came in at 31:20. Awesome improvement of over 7 minutes!

I love running and I was thrilled that I finished with my best time during this run. I came in with a PR of 34:45 on my clock. My previous best 5K was a 36 minute range. I know my time doesn't make me a speed racer but I am thrilled with it! Remember getting out there and doing something that shows an improvement is the goal!!!

Yes, taking a 20 second walking break......:)

More photos of friends and other runners.............

Awesome job Wendy!!!

Love seeing the Trail Maids.

This guy could be Bob Harper's twin!!!

Here I come running to the finish line trying to catch the clock while its still in the 34 minute range!!!

A very special thank you to all the volenteers and officers!

After the race photos...........

Great job Trey!!

                                                      Banana and water time!!

My number 1 supporter and fan~ My sweet Eddie is always at every race to cheer me on and tell me what an awesome job I did no matter the time. A very special thank you for all the races you have stood at the start line and the finish line no matter the heat, the cold, or rain. For the days you follow me around in the car to bring me water while I am training for my half marathons.....Here's a very special thank you~!

My race buddie!!!

Here's to celebrating the fact you are now old enough to run ahead of me since you are now 3 minutes faster than me!

Now thats the way to get back to the car after a hard run!!!!


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