I Threw A Minecraft Party

OK, this has nothing to do with running, diet, fitness, workouts and to be honest its about candy, cake, hot dogs, and popcorn! With that said I had to share this post because I am so proud of it! My son is turning 11 this week and I wanted to throw him a fun party that wasn't to kiddie and from the response of the kids they had a blast and were impressed.

To understand this party you have to know about a game called Minecraft. Its a computer game where you build a city. You have the chance to build a garden, fish, build homes, churches, and just on and on.

I made everything and when I told Trey he was so surprised that he said," Mom did you research all of this? That is so cool that you did that." Of course that made it all worth it. So here are a few pictures from the gathering.

I found the green buckets at Target in the $1.00 row and with a black marker I drew the Creeper face.

Each of these items were placed in the buckets and represent the items you find in the game. They loved the idea!

The cake......let me start by saying I am not a professional decorator but I am pleased and most importantly Trey loved it!

To set the table up I had the cake in the center and all the buckets laid out.

A few party photos....

Then we were headed off to the movies. As we were loading up the boys wanted to see the Eddies patrol car. I think that was just as exciting as the party!

I have to say taking 6 boys to the movies was actually a lot of fun. They were so good and it was a lot of fun. I wish I could have taken a picture of them sitting in the movies in one long line. Its memories I hope they hold for a lifetime since because they are such a cute fun group. I did get one picture!

Of course I had to sneak one in with Dallas and myself! To sum it up we had a blast and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY SWEET TREY!!!


Hot Bikram Yoga

Today I tried my first class of Hot  Bikram Yoga.
Part 1 written right after class.

Without a doubt the name fits the class, HOT! I was told the room is kept around 105 degrees but I can tell you the minute you step in you are sweating. If I could have had a photo taken of me I would have been two times more than the one below.

I am not an expert on this type of yoga so I am only repeating what was shared with me. The idea is to sweat and not wipe it off because that is what helps your body to stay cool. I think I was sweating more than when I take my long runs.

My muscles really did get a good stretch and my calorie counter showed I burned 600 calories which was a shock since this is not heavy aerobics. I am just not sure if I am going to join because the heat is intense. There were some points I felt a little dizzy and yucky but everyone tells me after the 2nd or 3rd class that settles.

Today I am sore in my neck because you hold a lot of arm posses which as a runner I am not used to doing. They really suggested that you come back for your 2nd class within 24 hours but I could not since I had previous plans.

Part 2 of my thoughts on Hot Yoga................ Three days after class.
Today I went for my long run in my training for my half marathon. It was 7 miles. I have to say it was one of my best runs I have had. Not so much that my time was the fastest but my body felt great. My hip which is usually in so much pain had no pain all 7 miles. I felt energized and really felt my best.

Normally the heat just about takes me out but today it really didn't bother me. I really think being in such a hot environment during the class helped me a lot! So I have decided I am going to sign up for one month and commit to at least 1 class a week....more if I can of course. This will help me see how it improves my run which by the way is getting closer...Nov 3rd!!!

I think I will keep my Sunday morning long runs in place and attend the 5:30 am Monday morning hot yoga class for a deep stretch and workout.

Have you tried Hot Yoga?
What did you think?


A Sweet Co Worker is Realtor of the Year

Annie Powell was named "Realtor of the Year" this week!

Two great ladies that I have enjoyed working with since 2004 that also happen to be dear friends.

So happy to see her receive this honor!


My Fitness Pal IPhone App

My Fitness Pal App

I have been training for my 3rd half marathon for 7 weeks now and had a 2 pound weight loss. I seem to have been just maintaining and now  I I have found the secret to help the pounds come off. My husband shared with me this great app he found and now I am seeing a big difference.

I didn't realize how many calories I was taking in but this app really helps me see each one. I have tried apps like this before but found they were not user friendly. This one has a label scanner and is awesome.

Here is a quick snap of what today's looks like.

As you can see I am allowed 1200 calories a day. I am able to break everything down into Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I can also keep track of my water intake.

It is so easy to keep track of everything and only takes seconds. Much faster and easier than trying to write everything down. At the end of the day when you close the day out it will tell you if you keep on this track you will weight ______ by 5 weeks. Very inspiring!

This is perfect for me because if you remember I started training at 17 weeks and wanted a 15 pound weight loss, I now have 10 weeks left and expect a 10 pound weight loss for race day!

The app is free and so easy! 


Why Did I Start Running?

I always love to hear why people started running. I some how reached my heaviest weight two years ago and was shocked that it came on so fast. Some people put on weight because of sadness, loss, or any number of reasons. Me......I just started enjoying food! Some how I thought it was ok to make a Paula Deen recipe every night. No fault of Paula's but boy was it fun to cook it and even better to eat it.
Would you believe this picture was actually taken outside of Paula Deens restaurant. I loved her style of cooking we actually planned an 8 hour weekend trip just to eat at her restaurant!

After coming home from this trip I knew it was time for a change. I started with walking but found each time I picked it up to a run my calorie loss doubled. To help motivate me I started signing up for 5k races. My time was really bad.....I was in the 50 minute range to finish a 5k.
I just kept at it and continued to sign up and run. My time then moved into the 40 minute range and the weight was coming off fast! I felt so good getting out there and running that all I wanted was to eat better which helped my weight loss even more. To date I have lost almost 40 pounds!!

One of my secrets is to always have my workout clothes laid out and ready to go. I never want to have to find something because that will let me talk myself out of a workout very fast. I also love picking up new pieces every now and then. They offer the coolest running pieces now! My running gear has a section of its own in my closet.

Its been fun shopping for new clothes but gaining weight is also very expensive. I will not go down the road of having to buy new pieces because I have gained weight. Recently I went through my closet and took all of my clothes that were to big to a re sale shop. No allowing myself to fit into something because I have put on weight.

Also sign up for a race so you have a goal to achieve. This is my at my first half marathon as I am about to cross the finish line!! As I turned the corner to head into the finishers gate there was my sweet husband and kids!!! My biggest supporters!

source for photo...southerncurlsandpearls.blogspot.com

I also make sure the day before that I have my food planned and ready. It is so easy to loose sight of your goal when you are not prepared.

Get your family on the same plan. My husband has loss almost 40 pounds also by eating better choices and making work outs part of our everyday life! When the family does it together its so much easy. Just a great support system.

Now here's to the next 12 weeks as I wrap up training for my 3rd half marathon!!


Date Night turned into Family Night!

I started with the plan to make this a date night but once the kids heard where we were going they quickly talked me into joining us. I tell you my husband is the best sport ever, date night turned into family night!

My husband is the sweetest man every. He picks the meat out of my crab legs just because he loves me! He is so awesome!!!

Look at the sweetest young man ever!

This is the sweetest young lady ever!! By the way it was an exciting day for Dallas. She purchased her first Lilly Pulitzer outfit!

We had such a great time and the food was over the top. I wish I could have taken pictures of the chocolate fountain!
This cake was the most awesome every. It had a marble cake with a white chocolate and milk chocolate mouse. So yummy!

Great night!!!!


A Review of Shopping Items from Ann Taylor, The Limited, and Banana Republic

As I mentioned in a previous post I found some great finds at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and The Limited while we were on vacation last week. I had to share them
so you can quickly go take a look at your local stores! You really would not believe the prices on them!

This dress is so comfortable and cool for the summer! I believe it was 80.00 and I picked it up for 40.00.

I picked up the orange ballerina flats from Target! I love target. Pants, shirt, and orange tank all came from Ann Taylor. I think total for both tops was 35.00 together.

This shirt and sweater was actually from Banana Republic and I could not believe the deal they had it for. Both pieces were about 15.00 each.

This dress was my favorite find of all from The Limited. It was 160.00 and I purchased it for 17.00!!! I just added a black belt to slim the waist.

Again another way to mix and match the sweater with a great skirt and shirt find from Ann Taylor. The shoes were a great find from TJ Maxx.

My Ann Taylor shirt and sweater find with my Coach purse that goes with everything!
This one I love because you can take it casual with the pants to a nicer style with the skirt. The red under tank was marked down to 15.00 from The Limited. Black belt and black shirt from Ann Taylor. The skirt was Banana Republic for 22.00!
Of course with all of these I pair it with my Tiffany bracelet and Michael Kors watch. That dresses up any outfit


Weekend Mom and Trey Trip Getaway!

Dallas had to attend a Youth Summit trip at the University of Alabama so Trey and I made a weekend trip out of it instead of driving all the way home and turning right back around to pick her up. Here we are loading up and taking off.

He is going into the 5th grade and is almost taller than me! By the way, starting next Sunday I am going to be the assistant coach for his cross country team!! How awesome for me!

Once we dropped Dallas off we went to the Birmingham to the large mall and spent hours. I found a store that only sold tea and tea pots. I love a cup of hot tea when I go into meetings at work or late in the evening when I want something sweet. Look how cool this store is.

As I went into a store we tried to find one for Trey so he was able to get in equal amount of shopping. We went into the Lego store and they have the neatest machine. You must check it out if you have a little one. You walk up to it with your Lego box and it brings the Lego item to life. Very cool!

Then we were off to the girly stores! He was a great sport. It was off to clothes and makeup. I had the chance to visit my first MAC store! In my next post I will share the really awesome finds I picked up.

Once we finished shopping it was off to our hotel. There was a Joe's Crab Shack sitting right in front of our hotel so that was dinner! This place was wild, every 10  minutes the waiters would break out into dancing. Trey and I just shared a dinner since everything seemed to be such large amounts. As you know for those that follow me I am trying to eat a strict meal plan as I am training for a half marathon.

Then before heading back to the hotel we wanted a little something sweet. No one told us the dessert was made to feed four people. Look at the size of this pie......it takes up the dinner plate. Trey loved his but I only ate about 5 bites. Hated to waste but geez!

The next morning we had breakfast and its moments like this you just treasure.

When its just the two of you mirrors come in handy to capture a picture together! Then we were off to the campus of ALABAMA so Trey could also get in a little of the college experience since Dallas just come back from touring. These are just some of those pictures around the campus.

We grabbed lunch at the college pizza Mellow Mushroom hang out which was fun with the Olympics playing on the big screen TVs. Great way to end the trip before heading home.

By the way, look who got a new hair cut once we made it back home since cross country starts next week.

I will share my clothing finds in my next post but I had to share these two items. I am so into mango scents right now. My new mango candle and mango lotions!

Love the scent of Mango!!

We had so much fun! Take in every minute you can with your kids because time will fly by as I know with one entering her senior year of high school!!!

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