A Little TLC to Help With Training for Your Half Marathon

I have been working with a personal trainer for a little while as I am training for my 3rd half marathon and she shared some great advice to help me with my little pains here and there.

First- Rest Days
It really is ok to take a rest day and do NOTHING. She really does mean NOTHING! I seem to need a little more recovery than the average person just because my work life is so busy and so stressful. By 5:30pm and close to the end of the week I am exhausted! But who isn't.....right!

Second- Helping with Lactic acid
Elevate your feet after a long run for 10 minutes and drain the acid. Do knee bends to help move the muscles around. This really has been helpful.

Third-A Little Something for Days you are worn out
On days that I just feel there is no way I can get a run in I still get out there and speed walk. I feel the weight of the world lifted and my stress melts away. Also most of the times once I am out there I still pick it up to a jog!

This is something I really need to have in place. My hip has been getting so tight on me that it hurt to even walk so she started looking into how much stretching was I doing. The answer was none.....most of the times I was in such a hurry to get out there and have the time to run. When I finished my run I had to hurry to work or hurry to something. Well now I take 10 minutes a day at least to stretch and it has made a huge difference!

Fifth- Get a massage
This can range from using a foam roller for 10 minutes to hiring a professional. You can also tell your sweet husband how bad the muscle hurts and if he is like mine he will help!! Either way it works!

Sixth- Take a COLD bath
This is my favorite one to share with you because it really works. I could not understand why after a long run or hard workout I would go take a nice hot bath and the next morning could barely walk or move. Then after a suggestion I sit in a waist high cold cold bath and it made such a difference. Now I know those of you that have been involved in running for sometime know about cold baths! For my new running friends, the reason a cold bath works is.......It prevents the breakdown of muscle tissues. The cold water will stimulate muscle cells to start repairing the muscle tears. For me I don't actually put ice in the tub, the cold tap water does just fine. After if I am really hurting I will put an ice bag on for a little while.

I hope these tips have been helpful. When I started running I just thought I would put on a pair of shoes and go.....who knew there were so many things to know!!! I love being able to share what I have learned along the way.


Missions Enduracool Towel- New Shopping site

"New Day Tuesday Site to Share"

I love to shop online because you seem to have so many more choices. Online shopping also allowes your gift to look more thought out and personal. I thought something that would be fun is every Tuesday I am going to share with you a new site that I have found that offers unique items. So here is my first "New Day Tuesday Site to Share." I saw this product on the Today Show and I plan to place my order today! I really want to put this to the test!

Its the Mission’s™ Enduracool™ and is made from a performance fabric that instantly cools when wet with water or sweat and is then wrung out and snapped in the air to activate the sustained cooling properties. Use during or after sports in the heat to provide cooling on your neck, head or other hot zones.

I researched how it works: A new way in cooling, the fabric absorbs and retains sweat and water, circulating the molecules while regulating the rate of evaporation to ensure an instant cooling effect against the skin for hours, without feeling wet.

Here is the link. enduracool-instant-cooling-towel-

This is going to be great for a special race or event that is really warm. Perfect for my son during those hot summer football games. I put my order in and I will keep you updated on how it works! Photos and info came from the link site.

Have you ever tried this product or something like it? Have an awesome week!!


College Application Was Submitted Today!!!!

Today was a very exciting day~~~~ Dallas submitted her college application to the college of her first choice!!! Now we wait! Here we are together as it was sent. I was so exciting that I was with her for this fun day!

A very special day because as you remember we went on our week long girls college road trip and looked at over 6 colleges and out of that we have the #1 picked out. Application is on its way!!!

Just before this I had my hair cut so you get to see the new style! The back has a stacked look and the front goes little longer. Its funny that my first thought was in wondering how it would look in my running hat!

Fun day all the way around! Keep us in your prayers as we wait to hear back!!! I know she will have no problem getting accepted but I cant wait to see the smile on her face when is she!!


My 16 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

I have had a lot of people message me and ask what does my 16 week half marathon training plan look like so I thought I would share it. I have looked at several different programs and put this one together because I felt it fit me best.

Week- 1
Run 1   3 mile run
Run 2   Run hills as hard and fast as I can
Run 3   Long run 5 miles

Week- 2
Run 1   3 mile run
Run 2   treadmill speed drill or 1 mile slow   2nd mile fast  3rd mile slow
Run 3   Long run 6 miles

Week- 3
Run 1   3 mile run
Run 2   4 400 meters at track
Run 3   long run 5 miles

Week- 4
Run 1    3 mile run
Run 2    fartleck on flat ground for 30 minutes
Run 3    Long run for 7 miles

Week- 5
Run- 1   3 miles
Run- 2   Run hills as hard and fast as I can
Run 3    long run 6 miles

Week- 6
Run- 1   Run 3 miles
Run-2    treadmill speed drill or 1 mile slow 2nd mile fast 3rd mile slow
Run-3   Long run 8 miles

Run- 1   Run 3 miles
Run-2    Run 4   400 meters
Run-3    Long run 5 miles

Run-1    Run 3 miles
Run-2    fartleck on flat ground for 30 minutes  
Run-3    Long run 9 miles

Run-1     Run 3 miles
Run-2     Run hills
Run-3     Long run 5 miles

Run-1  Run 3 miles
Run-2  treadmill speed drill or 1 mile slow 2nd mile fast 3rd mile slow
Run-3  Long run 10 miles

Run-1  Run 3 miles
Run- 2 5 400 meters
Run-3  Long run 5 miles

Run-1   Run 3 miles
Run-2   Run 4  400 meters
Run-3   Long run 11 miles

Run-1 Run 3 miles
Run-2  Run hill repeats
Run-3   Run 5 miles

Run-1   3 miles
Run-2   treadmill speed drill or 1 mile slow 2nd mile fast 3rd mile slow
Run-3  Long run 12 miles

Run-1  Run 3 miles
Run-2  Run speed work on treadmill
Run-3   Long run 8 miles

Run-1   3 miles
Run-2   Run 2 miles very easy pace
Run-3   Long run RACE DAY!!!

I have one rest day where I do NOTHING. I try to go to the gym for weights twice a week. If my legs are really sore I use that gym day for arms, chest and back workout. I try to do a lot of stretching during the week.
My diet is very strict but I do allow a cheat meal every now and then but it a cheat meal not cheat day! I take in a lot of water every single day. I prepare my meals the night before and always lay out my workout clothes so there is no reason I cant do it!
On a side note just remember the reason my diet is strict is because this half marathon I have a goal to run with a 15 pound weight loss. Not everyone needs to keep a strict diet because you might already be at your goal weight.

I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


Modern Vintage Boutique Style and Fashion Dresses

When I find something new that I like I want to share. I love love love dresses but the issue I seem to run into is finding the something that is really in style but not to short. Either I am getting taller every day or the dresses or getting shorter and shorter. I am sure we can all agree which is the right answer!

I came across this site the other day and love that so many of the dresses come just above the knee which is what I like. Here is the link. modern vintage boutique

I plan to place my order this week so as far as shipping and that area of questions I cant answer yet. Here are a few things that I really like and plan to add to my list!




Coral Color Block High Lo Striped Maxi Dress

These are only a few items they have on their site. The reason for my delay is a few of these items are sold out and I am just waiting for them to come back in stock. Very cute site, prices are good, and the right length for me with a splash of in style!


Week 1 July 5th- July 8th Start of Training for Half

I found this to be the biggest help for my last two half marathons and it held me accountable for my work outs Each Monday I am going to share my previous workout and calorie burn. This isn't a complete week because I officially started training for my half marathon on Thursday, July 5th.

Thursday, July 5th-
3.1 Speed walk to really get me back. 292 Calorie burn

Friday, July 6th
3.1 Run  494 calorie burn

Saturday, July 7th
Weight training for 1 hour 20 minutes       494 calorie burn
1.25 bike ride    100 calorie burn

Sunday, July 8th
4.4 Run     550 calorie burn

This week was full of rain storms that just popped up at any time of the day. Even after a storm on Sunday I still got out there! Yea!!! I had puddle after puddle to run around. Could not take on the trails because they were very slippery.

 Even with the rain cooling things off it was still a steam bath! I didn't have my normal red face but was soaked from the steam!!!
With the heat so heavy what I have found to work for me is getting up very early and finishing my runs by 6:30 am. I have actually started loving getting up so early!

This is my favorite part of getting out there early in the morning. The peace of the sun rising. What a way to start your day and have a clear head! Ill have next weeks schedule on Monday!!


First Day of Training for the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon

What a great start to my 17 weeks of training for the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon! Each week is going to have two gym days with heavy weight training. Today my husband wanted me to go to his gym to try out the Jacobs Ladder. Here I am on the first go.

You walk away from this worn out! The way it works is each step you take is the motor and makes the wood steps go like inclined stairs. Took my calorie burn way up.

Then it was off to the machines. I try not to do a lot of cardio during my weight training because I really need to use the time I have to focus on weights. With my schedule I have to get every workout in when I can.

I have always wanted to try the tire turn over and I did today. WOW, they are so much heavier than I ever thought. I did three sets up and down the back of the building.

Best of all, I love when I have great workout buddies with me!

Very pleased with day one of the next 17 weeks of my life and then Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon here I come!!!


Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon

I am registered for the Savannah Georgia Half Marathon which will be held on November 3rd. I wasn't planing on running another half marathon until January 2013 but I just felt I really needed something like a goal in place to help me stay fit and continue loosing weight.

As many of you know I have lost 35 pounds since I picked up running in the summer of 2011. I am someone that needs a plan laid out in front of me to help stay motivated and training for half marathons is the magic key for me.

This is me from the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in March!

I actually started training for this today because it would put me on a 17 week training plan. My goal is to run 2 5k routes a week with one long run each week. I also plan to have 2 days for weight training. My off days will be walk days. My diet will be very strict because my goal with this 17 weeks is to loose that last 10-15 pounds. The 15 pound weight lose would be a pound a week.....I know that is something I can accomplish!

Here is my question.........

1. Let me know if you have taken part in this race.
2. If you did what hotel did you stay in. That's the only part I am stuck on is where to stay. I just cant bring myself to pay $250.00-$350.00 or more a night with a two night requirement. That's $500.00-$700.00 for 2 nights but I would have the luxury of walking to the start and finish line or should I stay at a $99.00 hotel and drive in for the race. That would be $200.00 compare to $500.00-$750.00 or even more depending on what I can find available. Your thoughts???

To end on a happy note, Here is to the next 17 week of my life training!!!!!


Guest Bathroom Makeover

This past weekend I took on giving my guest bathroom a makeover! I started by painting a little white bench black and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I have seen so many people painting furniture and it really looks great.

This is what I started with as far as the bench.

During the process...

As for the guest bathroom here is my before.....you will notice its a little busy!

Here is the after. I had new granite counter tops put in along with paint. New shower curtain and fixtures! Along with my new black bench which has a new fresh look.

One last change I think I might add is raise the shower curtain higher to the ceiling and have custom picked fabric added to the bottom of my curtain black curtain. I think it will really give it a dramatic look!


Thinking of Others While Running

It seems like going out for a run would be such a simple thing but after my time in running I have learned both what to do and what not to do as a result of other actions and my own. I share all of these with a smile on my face and in with a kind spirit. I am sure you can relate to a few.

1. Since it is so hot and I am running in the very early morning or late evenings its still a little dark. So one of my first tips would be when passing someone in these conditions I would always say a little something that lets them know you are passing. Last night while running I screamed twice because the same guy run up behind me and passed me. I am sure we have all been there that you just get in a zone while running and the path is quiet and out of no where someone comes flying by.

2. Always try to say "Thank you" to the volunteers and police officers. Since my husband is in law enforcement I run by many officers we know when I particpate in a local race. You can imagine what fun it is to stand there for 4-5 hours while all the runners have a chance to finish.  Its really bad during the hot summer runs and the cold winter times.
Also I ran a race a few months ago where they were short on volunteers so they had prison inmates handing out water! I will never take a volunteer for granted again because seeing their smiling face really is wonderful.

3. Oh this is a big one, when running in a group its really best to not run 3,4,5 people wide and take up the side walk. This coninues to happen when I run at the park and I have to go off the side walk and run back onto it after going around them. Might not sound like a big deal but when the ground is wet, muddy, or uneven I risk injury. I make sure when my son and I are training he falls in behind me so we make plenty of room for other runners when they are running by us.

4. Think of others when you wear costumes in a race. In my first half marathon at mile 5 I ended up keeping the same pace with a lady that had a skirt made out of beer cans. I had 7 miles of beer cans hitting each other! Also keep an ear out for keys and change.

5. Try to eat all of your GU from the packets. Nothing is as messy as stepping on a GU packet that is half full. Yuck! A wet road and GU packet makes for a very slippery path.

6. I made this mistake recently in a race. The wind was blowing so strong and my hat blew off. I stopped right in the middle of the run and turned around to grab it. You can imagine how many people ran into me. What was I thinking but I was not going to be seen with Hat Hair.

7. Always warm up before you line up for the race. In my 2nd half marathon a young girl was standing in from of me and out of no where she decided to throw her leg back and kicked me. Ouch it hurt!!

Most of all go out and have fun!!!!

I am sure you many of you have something to add to this list and I would love to hear!

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