Girls Day for Senior Pictures!

What a fun day! Dallas needed to have her Senior picture for the year book taken so we made a fun girls day of it!

The studio we went to was so professional. As we endterd the door they took our items and put them right into a dressing room. We had fun getting ready!

Each room was decorated with a college theme and we had the University of Alabama.
We had a blast.......trying to capture every minute of senior year!

Here we are waiting for our turn................

I had to snap a shot of the action......the coolest part is the photographer said she looked just like a politician. We loved it concerding she just came from Girls State and thats in her future! She is in jeans and Toms because its only from the chest up. I have always wondered if that is how the journalist on the news dress!!

No matter what the event make something fun out of it!!!


Its Hot Outside!!!

As I previously mentioned I am still running but boy is it hot outside! I went Tuesday for the Mellow Milers where we run 3.1 miles and then eat pizza at The Mellow Mushroon. I have to admit Trey and I only made it for 2.0 miles because we took a short cut. It was 98 degrees at 6:15 at night. There was no way I was going to put us through that.

This was us at mile 1! Only the first mile and we were dripping sweat. So we cut across and started back which was kind of neat because we were running with the speed runners for a few minutes. Its not a race so its not like we cheated. We would never do this in a real race. :)

Once we made it back we grabbed a booth and took in a lot of water! Water never tasted so good! Dallas came and joined us and then PIZZA time!!!

After dinner we all went home, cleaned up, and watched This Means War. It was such a good movie and I highly recommed it! Just love every chance I get to spend time with Dallas and Trey. Only thing missing was my sweet Eddie!

Must see movie, Have you seen it?


Girls State for Dallas

I just have to brag for a moment on my Dallas. All mom's should do that right! This past week Dallas had the opportunity to attend a program called Girls State. Its a program for up coming seniors that are interested in law. She was the only student from her school that attended and was joined by girls from all over our great state. Here are a few pictures of her week!

Welcome banner!

The girls had the chance to stay in the on campus dorms.

At the end of the week the parents had the opportunity to hear the awards given to the different groups. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed being apart of this. Each group of girls were so connected and clearly built life long friendships!
During the week the girls posted their posters for the different offices they were running for.
This was Dallas city and they girls decorated the dorm hallway in the matching theme.

Ending ceremony.
Our sweet Dallas at the end of the week!
We had gifts for Dallas to share how proud we were of her for the hard work during the week!

Our pretty girl!

This is Dallas in the state capital sitting in the chair for the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court. What an honor!

I love this photo and have to share the story behind it. On the first day after Dallas went to the group meeting, Eddie and I went back into her dorm room and filled it with snacks, drinks, and goodies! We had everything unpacked and set up for her. It was a big surprise that she loved!

Dallas had such a great time and made so many new friends. We are so proud of her and this opportunity   is one she will remember forever!


Start of Summer Party on the Bay

We had the opportunity this weekend to attend a fun Start of Summer Party with friends at their families home on the Bay. Here are some fun photos!

This picture says it all! These sweet girls jumping off the dock together, I love it!

Trey and his friends on the water. It is so sweet that this most of the boys in this group  have attended school since K-5 and are now getting ready to enter the 5th grade.

That's my Trey on the water. I love this picture~

I have to explain this picture. See the boy on the dock fishing....my son is to the left of the dock and the other group of boys are all lined up on the right. They thought it would be fun to pull the fishing line and make him think a fish was on his line. Thank goodness for miracles because no one was stuck by a hook!

That's me way out there after I came off my raft. I can tell you lots of prayers were being said that no sharks came around.

That's me!!!

Sweet kiddies!

My sweet Trey in the green life jacket.

The kids had a blast in the water.

My Trey!

I took this as the sun was going down! I love how the water looks like velvet. The perfect ending to a fun day!
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