Movie Premier Night- Snow White and the Huntsman

As you saw in a previous post I received two free passes to the premier for Snow White and the Huntsman. There was a promotion at a local cupcake shop for anyone that purchased the snow white cupcake you received 2 free passes.

 My sweet Eddie was my date!

From here there will be no more photo's............why you ask because as we tried to enter the movie theater a door bouncer guy told every one as they tried to enter they were not allowed to bring in a cell phone. They made us walk it back out to the car. Crazy! You could have told me I had to leave my purse in the car and I would have been fine but no cell phone....its your line of safety to the outside world. Just kidding no panic but its my life line for my kids to reach me.  With all that said Eddie took both of our phones out to the jeep and came back in the theater and sat down. I told him I wasn't going to make it without my phone so he got back up and went to get mine!!! My hero......with all seriousness if my son needed to reach me I needed to be reachable! Just kidding, I could go without my phone if my kids were with me but when their not I always want to be reachable.

I dont want to give anything at all away about the movie. The movie was good but there was a lot of battling in it. I think I'm getting older because I'm just not into war and battle, Ill take a good romance! They guys will really like it and it was worth seeing in the theater. That seems to be the question, should I see it at the movies or wait for the DVD.  It was fun joining Eddie and the company always makes a difference! So fun night was a success!


Look Who Got a Hair Cut!

Meet my sweet Sampson. He is a full Cocker Spaniel and he is the sweetest baby you would ever meet. Its always fun to get a little inside view into a blogger's everyday life, its not always running tips!

What a sweet baby boy! So today when the heat reached 100 degrees I took him for his summer haircut and a hair cut he received!!!

I almost feel like I need to get him a little cover up shirt!! At least he will be nice and cool!!!


A Few Points I Have Learned About Running and Training

I had a friend that is new to running ask me the best way to prevent injuries as she starts training for her first race. I thought I would share the items I shared with her. I am sure for those of you who run on a regular schedule these are things you have known forever. I want to share them from my view because remember Im just a regular girl that started running to get in shape. I went from not able to run a block to now having 2 half marathons, 6 5k races, 1 relay marathon team under my belt. So along the way I have picked up a few tips to help other average new runners and I really wanted to share! We all know I am not a professional and this is only what works for me.

1. There have been times I start running in the evening and the darkness will sneak up on me so don't cut it close. Always wear reflective clothing in the dark. I have found that my city is not a runner or bike friendly city. The cars like to make it known they rule the road. Don't take any chances.

2. Replace your shoes every 400-500 miles. I must admit this one is really hard for me. I get so attached to my running shoes and the thought of breaking in a new pair kills me. On the other hand I also remember how I almost stopped running due to pain but it was because my shoes were the issue. I log every single mile with my Nike app.

3. Ice bath- If I run over 10 miles I always sit in an ice bath up to my hips to help with a quicker recovery. Everyone is different and some people wait until the hit 13 miles or more. Now its not always an actual ice bath but a very cold one will work just fine. I only sit in for 10 minutes. After the first 2 minutes you just become numb, you can do it!

4. If you are going to take on running you must get a good night sleep. Your body really does need it for recovery. If I run when I am sleepy my posture is bad. I ran my last half marathon a little tired and actually caught myself closing my eyes while running.........now that's not good!

5. When I run in a race I always try to run in the center. I am sure everyone has different thoughts on this but I find that in almost all races I have taken part in the sides of the road slant and cause me to pull more from my hip muscles. Now if you are a runner that runs, stops, runs, stops I would recommend finding that perfect spot to the side where people don't trip over you. I share this as an example I have learn from ! I have been the person that tripped and the person that caused others to trip.

Love this photo showing me running in the center of the road but the arrow is to funny!

6. When I first started running I would get home and think soaking in a hot bath would be wonderful. I can tell you it increased inflammation and actually caused more pain for a longer period of time. No hot baths after a long run.

7. Do not increase your distance more than 10 percent each week. I made this mistake once and increased to much and really irritated a muscle.

8. Ok, this one is yuk but always keep your toe nails cut short. I always forget this one and right now I have 3 black and blue bruised toes. You can also cause the toe nail to peel right off which is not pretty for summer sandals and hot sweaty runs!

9. When running watch out for GU packets. I stepped on a packet before that was half full and when the GU came out it made my shoe very slippery and sticky.

10. Watch out when stretching and for those stretching around you. I am sure you saw in my previous post the person next to me in my last run decided to stretch out of no where and kicked me hard on my thigh. Left a nice blue bruise and then I had to run 13.1 miles! What was she thinking ...but accidents happen.

Hope you found this list helpful with tips on how to prevent injuries! Next time I am going to share tips on how to think of others when running. I have learned a lot of what not to do and what to do in this area!


My First Pure Barre Class

I attended a pure barre class today. If you havent heard about this class or you dont know the back ground behind it here is a little video link to share the idea. Please watch the video because it will really help you understand my thoughts below. Video source from youtube.

The clothing you wear are yoga pants and shirt. You also wear your socks in the class. They sell special rubber gripping socks but I just wore my regular ones. They are very comfortable and easy to move in.

I have taken part in five 5k races, one relay marathon team, and 2 half marathons and this class was hard! Its a very focused toning class. The class provides you with a rubber band, hand weights, and the red ball. I think I might see the red ball in my dreams tonight. Many of the moves require you to hold the red ball in your thighs and legs while working the muscle. Very challenging but I really enjoyed the class.

A couple of things I really liked:
They offer a free class so you can see if this type of workout is something you are interested in.
The class was small with about 15 ladies.
The instructor shows you the move and then walks around the room making sure your body is in the right alinament. I loved this because a few times I thought I was preforming the move perfectly and when she straightened me up I found I was really off.

Not a negative but just a few items to point out:
The classes are a little on the expensive side. I don't want to quote a price because they might be different with each location.
Just my thoughts but I don't feel this is the right class for someone that has 25 or more pounds to loose. This class is really more for toning after the weight loss. That is just my opinion because when I was recently working with a personal trainer they shared with me that you can have great muscles built up but they can be hiden behind fat. I still have a few more pounds to loose but this is enough motivation to push me so I will see the results.

If your location offers a free class I highly recommend it!


Pensacola Half Marathon Extra Photos

I ran in the Pensacola Beach Gulf Coast Half Marathon recently and they just released the professional photos. Here they are!

The race was put together by Running Wild.

After Party location.

Start line and GO!

Here I am crossing the finish line! Felt like I would never get there. I really was not prepared for this race like I should have been but I wasn't not going to attend because that would have felt like quiting!

This was about mile 10 and I was so tired!! I love how the girl in blue was smiling like this was so easy!!!

Running towards the finish line!

Hard to see this photo but its Eddie and Trey waiting at the finish line for me!

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