I am Registered for My 2nd Half Marathon!

Ok what am I thinking......I am registered for my 2nd half marathon and I haven't had my first one yet!!! I was taking part in the recent relay team in the marathon this month where I ran 5 miles. One of the vendors was promoting the Gulf Coast Half Marathon that is on Pensacola Beach. The medal is very cool. Its amazing how far I will run for a medal!

The series has three different locations. There was no way that I could run in the Gulf Shores race but I'm all signed up for April race. Second reason  I am thinking I am crazy is the fact I have my Rock N Roll Half Marathon in March, a 5k run in March, and this Half Marathon in April!!! Ok.....I can do this!

Cant wait to show you the medal!!!!                Erica


Evening Out

My daughter recently had her winter formal and call outs that my husband and I attended. Since it was held downtown we just made a fun date event out of it. We started with a wonderful dinner at my favorite resturant. A few pictures before we started the evening..............

As we waited for the event to start we had the chance to hear this guy play the best music. I could have sat there for hours because it wasnt to loud and was just a smooth sound. A fun way to pass time!

A few snap shots from the event............

My favorite picture of the evening and one I will cherish always is from the Father/Daughter dance.

A very special night for all!!!            Erica

Homemade Taco Soup Recipe

Welcome to my Blog

Taco Soup is on the menu for lunch today. This was so easy and you can make ahead the morning of like I did or the evening before. I usually don't eat Taco Soup for dinner because it never seems quite filling but its perfect for lunch. Don't get me wrong this does make a great dinner but there is just something about me and how I have the mind set of meat and potatoes as a meal. The only change is my potatoes are more like vegetables now! Before leaving for the office I put everything in the crock pot and it was ready to go. I stored the entire crock pot bowl and tomorrow morning I will pop it back in the crock pot for lunch again. Its perfect for pre made lunch two days in a row!

The recipe is so easy and there are so many versions out there but I really like one I have put together. Here you go!

1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can corn
1 can rotel
1 32 oz chicken stock
1 pound hamburger or ground turkey
1 pack taco seasoning
1 pack ranch seasoning

You brown your meat, drain, the pour everything together and let simmer. That easy and that yummy! Hope you enjoy. Erica


Saturday Afternoon at Target

Since I spend my weekdays in business clothes and the evenings and weekends in running/workout clothes I like to be comfortable when I am just out and about. Our weather is so crazy here and its all about layers. Today I only needed a t-shirt and I had to share my find from Target with you. I love taking the boyfriend t-shirt and wrapping a scarf around it to make my outfit. This is how I started my day.....

Tiffany bead bracelet with heart charm, Coach bag, and silver jewel shoes.

Today's find...............these are only $8 at Target!

So as you can see this is why I love the Target T-shirts. You can match them up with so many scarves!

Put a cute pair of flats with them and you are set!!!

Have a fun Saturday!! Erica


Friday Night Lights

Dallas and I went to an event tonight and made it a fun girls night! We wanted to share a few pictures. I had to stop and run in Ulta to pick up some hair pins to hold my hair back and you cant go to Ulta without trying a new perfume. I tried the Coach Poppy scent and I liked it. My favorite is still Happy by Clinque but this one was nice.

I am also putting the Its a 10 hair mask on my birthday list. I have heard things about it. I love the spray!

Just having fun at Ulta on a Friday night!!!

Our event was held at the Mardi Gras Museum so we had fun taking a few pictures.

Everything is to celebrate the Mardi Gras history.

For anyone that doesn't know about Mardi Gras almost all organizations have a king and queen. These are the trains that are attached to the back of their gown and suit. It takes months and months for them to be made because they are hand made. There are really something in person!
We had a fun girls night and thank you Dallas for being my date! Erica


Burn Out Is Over!!

I can say my burn out is over! For the last 10 days its been hard getting out there to run and workout. My heart and mind just has not been in it. I was worried I wouldn't get over the burned out feeling but all it took was stepping on the scale and seeing 2 full heavy pounds put back on after loosing 30! That might not sound like a lot but my eating habits were falling back to old ones. A little candy here, an ice cream there, fast food around the corner calling my name!

Early this morning I hit the park and took on 3 miles to burn 400 calories and then this evening I attended my Hip Hop class to burn another 380!

Working out and running helps me keep my diet in full check. You see how hard it is to run off 400 calories and you just dont want to waste them on junk.

I recently read someones blog and they talked about the dreaded D word.......DOGS. This had me thinking about safety for runners so I wanted to share somethings that came to mind thats very important to me.
  • Be sure to wear reflective clothing or light devices. Its so important that you are seen and stand out!
  • I always run facing the traffic so I can see whats coming at me.
  • If I am in a high traffic area I turn my music down or just wear one headphone.
  • I never just think that cars can see me. People text, talk on the phone, and just dont pay attention.
  • I make sure I know whats going on around me. Boy have a learned a lesson from this. One time I was looking straight down while running and when I looked up I had run right into a fight. My music was turned on and I could not hear. Yiks...... Then one time I was in a neighborhood and two dogs charged me and bit my arm. Ouch! One time I wasn't paying attention and turned down the wrong street and next thing I knew I was lost! OK so you get my point.
I hope these tips have been helpful! So I'm going back full speed to training for my half marathon in March!!!

I have a full weekend so I cant wait to share the pictures! Erica


Running Tips I Try to Follow

About a year ago I discovered a set of tips that I found to be very helpful. I printed them out and try to follow them and I find they work!

  • I set realistic goals.
  • I keep a workout log so I can see my work and see my misses. I hate to see a miss.
  • I make sure I add a rest day to my schedule and I give it to myself. I don't look at it like a day I missed.
  • I eat 5 small meals everyday. My protein, carbohydrate, and good fat.
  • I have found the routes that work for me where I feel safe. I don't run in neighborhoods, it only took one dog bite for me to learn that.
  • I am patient. I know having just lost 30 pounds its no going to come off overnight.
  • I try to cross train 2-3 times a week.
  • I work my core 3 times a week.
  • I change up my workout so I don't get bored. I just added a hip hop class!
  • I added speed work and hope to improve my 5k runs this year.
  • I have added hills in my weekly workout
  • I joined a local running group and we meet every Tuesday night. Its been a huge help.
  • I have learned that there is no such thing as a bad run, you are still getting out there and doing something!
  • I don't over think my workouts I just get out and do it!
  • I sign up for a race so I have a goal to strive for. I'm already signed up for 4 from now and into March. There will be 2 half marathons and 2 5k.
  • I know there are days I might hit a wall and not feel like doing anything. I let those days past and then I jump back into it.
  • I change my run routes up and add trail runs in to keep it fresh.
  • DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! Go full speed for 2012!

I hope there are some points that can help you in your running!


My 30 Pound Weight Loss

Today's the day! I hit a 30 pound weight loss since summer 2011!!!! Its been a good journey as I really find what works for me and also works in my running and training. I have shared an idea of my food plan on a previous blog post but you mush know it really works. I eat 5 meals a day with two that are smaller snacks style meals. I am never hunger and with the mix of protein and carbohydrate it helps satisfy me.
I have to share a photo of my before and after.

Before photo of me in my first 5k

30 pounds lighter running my marathon relay 5 mile race

My sweet husband and I when I was 30 pounds heavier this past summer,

20 pounds lighter and my husband is 20 lighter!!!

30 pounds lighter!!!

Thanks for taking a look into my day of celebration!!! Erica


After Run Dinner Celebration

After our big run we went out for a celebration dinner. I worked so hard watching everything I ate to fall into a new weight group for the race so mentally I would feel lighter.... you know 110s 120s 130s 140s 150s. Lets just say I did move into one of these so that night we went out for dinner! Here are a few photos I have to share with you. Let me make a funny side note that at this moment outside its 28 degrees but last weekend it was 76 which is why I am in a dress. This weather is crazy!

My sweet sweet supportive husband! He is the very best!

What is the red ribbon around my neck you are asking??? Why yes that is my medal from the race but no worries that is the only 2 minutes I wore it! LOL

Two sweet girls!

Two cute guys!!!

Its so much fun how you can involve your family in a day of activities!


The Kids Fun Run and a Few More Pics

My son received a medal because he ran a total of 25 miles since August so he was able to run the final 1.5 miles to make 26 miles. It was packed with kids and he did great! Here are a few pictures.

This was a really cute end to the race for all the kids to achieve such a great goal!! Way to go!
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