A Picture A Day Can Tell A Story

Hello Friends!

I am in a place in my life that I have enjoyed slowing every day down as much as I can and just taking everything in. I thought it would be fun to capture a picture a day on something from that day and sharing it with you. So let's get started TODAY! 

Monday, September 25th

I snapped this photo today at 3:00 pm as I had my afternoon coffee. Why is this important you ask? Well, here is a fun fact about me. I use the same cup every single day in my office to drink my coffee and most importantly it has feet! I like the idea of having "my cup." After each use, I give it a good cleaning and I put it up in my office for the next day. 

I also love my pineapple paperclip holder which was a gift from a very sweet subscriber. The gold tray holding the larger clips was my Grandmothers and she kept it on her makeup stand. Now I get to enjoy it every day. 

The little giraffe? Oh yes, he reminds me of my Eddie. A gentle giant! 

Tuesday, September 26th

Today was fun because I put together all of my fall items out. One of my new favorite items is my new black and white buffalo check print pillow. I picked up a couple of sets because the price was awesome. Of course, these are just the pillow covers but you can the inserts anywhere for very inexpensive. These are really hot and selling out fast in stores like Kirklands and Pottery Barn. You can find your set here and its actually where I picked mine up. Pillows

Wednesday, September 27th

Ok, so this is the world I seem to live in where every office we have has donuts brought in every single day I visit. Oh, how the temptation is real and it's hard! See the knife and the cut donut............I did that! I do actually get tired of donuts but just as I do they bring in cupcakes!

Thursday, September 28th

So we go from donuts to ice cream. I had to pick up Trey this week from school and when we were on our way to the gym somehow he talked me into stopping by his favorite Ice Cream shop. Why oh why do I put myself in these positions?

I will say it did make a beautiful picture! :)

Friday, September 30th

This little guy just makes my heart melt. Eddie had a special class he had to attend this week so I took on getting up at 5:30 with Trey and taking him to school. On Friday I let Binx ride with us since I was going to run back by the house and as you can tell this was way too early for him to be out and about! 

This was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to sharing this every Saturday. You can also follow me on Instagram to see any other fun adventures during the week. Just click here for the link- Instagram.

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Table Setting on a Budget Using Walmart, Goodwill, & Dollar General

Hello Friends! 

I am working in my office this evening and catching up on a post that I did not get the chance to share with you before I put all of the items up to get ready for Fall. It was such a sweet table setting I wanted to be sure and share. 

Time got a way from me and I did not get to share my post with you on my table setting I put together using several items from Goodwill, Dollar General, Walmart, and T J Maxx. This was my final Summer table setting and I just loved everything about it. 

How cute are these elephant plates from TJ Maxx. There were in a set of six for $6.99 and I love how they pair perfectly with the teal plates from Walmart. I found the napkins in a set for six at World Market for $9.99. I love using my cloth napkins to add layers and volume to table settings. 

I found the chargers at Dollar General on clearance for $1.50 each and that made my Summer. I found some just like them for $68 for the set of 6. You can see below that they look just alike! Of course with Summer over they are on sale but still nothing like the $1.50 I paid for each! 

I love how the chargers added a break in the color theme along with a soft touch. Here are some like the set above on Amazon- Click here

The table runner is from fabric that I found at a designer store and my mother made the runner for me. I love the soft touch of gray and pink paired together. It was perfect for the end of Summer and I can't wait to bring it back out in Spring. 

The silver pieces are new to me and thanks to Dallas because she went Goodwill hunting for me. She shopped several Goodwill and Thrift Stores to help me add these pieces to my collection. The tray is just stunning and I can't wait to bring it back out for Christmas. 

I am so pleased with every piece she found for me and I really love how everything came together. 

All each piece need was a little but of love and I shined them right up. They are perfect and you can easily pair your silver with simple Summer pieces like I did so you can enjoy them all year. 

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Some of My Favorite Workout Pieces

Let's talk about workout gear! 

I have loved picking up new workout pieces and I thought it would be fun to share some pieces I am also looking at purchasing. So let's get started! 

I love these workout tops. They are $11.99 each or three for $29.99. They are perfect for walks on the treadmill at the gym or my Yoga class. I really like that they do not restrict you at the bottom of the top and have more of a flow to them. 

Sometimes, I like to wake up before everyone else and take the time to myself to relax with a yoga session at home.  This top is perfect for my morning yoga. I also think it will be perfect as it starts to cool off and the winter months come around. 

I am in love with this top because it has such a pretty feminine back cut out.  This tank is original $48.99 and currently on sale for $24.99.

I love how they make sports bras so pretty now. This one originally costs $26.95 and is on sale for $21.99. 

Sometimes, I just love a cute t-shirt that is comfortable. This would be really cute over leggings. 

I am excited to have Dallas share some of her wish list workout items as well. 
I love these workout leggings. Sometimes it's great to have a full-length pair like this for the colder months. 

This style of workout leggings with the sheer paneling is becoming more and more popular. I love the look of these. It's nice but doesn't show to much. They are also great for all age groups. 

This Nike long sleeve v-neck would be perfect when it cools down. It would go with any of the workout pants/leggings as it is a gray color.

Nike Women's Dri-Fit Power Essential Crop Legging is perfect with any color workout top or t-shirt. This makes matching easy because the pants speak for themselves. You could pair bright color tops or a solid white. 

I love the high waisted look of these. They are perfect when you have lower body work like squats and leg lifts. You can find these here- Leggings

I love pair simple black leggings with a t-shirt that gives a pop of color. This is such a pretty coral color that would look great all year. Here is a link- shirt

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Great Ideas and Prices for Teenage Boys Bedding

Hello Friends! 

Let's talk about all things around teenage boys bedding. I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome the pricing is on Amazon for boys bedding. You can give your son's bedroom a complete makeover with very little money spent and no matter how rough and tough they are you don't have to worry as much when you haven't spent a fortune. 

I love the idea of blue in a boys bedroom. The mix of the two-tone color here is perfect. This could be for a younger boy and perfect for a teenage young man. It's also perfect for different themes. You can find this one here- bedding.


This would have been our second choice if the orange color stripe was not in his room. We love the style of this set! 


This is the bedding set that I went with for Trey's room. I went with the stripe theme because Trey has an orange striped board that is in the center of his room. I add two orange accent pillows that play of this theme perfectly. You can find this bedding here- Bedding

More striped bedding options are below and I love them all. 



I love the look of the black and white buffalo check print. I actually plan to recreate this look for my guest bedroom. 


As you can see above you can go for a smaller look or a wider check look. I loving pair other shapes with the plaid as you can see with the pillows. 


I love the idea of plaid for boys and this works for all age ranges but I really feel its perfect for your older teenage boys. Plaid comes in so many different styles as you can see below. 



As you can see there are so many options for bedding sets on Amazon and all at such great prices. It's now easy to give your son's bedroom a quick weekend makeover. Next time I will share with you a look at ideas for our girl's bedrooms! 

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Its A Huge Triathlon Day

Hello Friends! 

As parents, we have the responsibility to set examples for our kids to follow and help them be the best they can be but my son has been a wonderful example to us. He set a goal of completing a triathlon and he did it. Let me tell you about this amazing day that I feel so blessed to have been part of. 

We woke up at 3:00am so we could get ready and make it to the Gulf by 5:45 because we had a good hour and 1/2 drive ahead of us. Here we are as I was shining a light on Trey so I could capture a picture before we left for the trip. The sun was nowhere near coming up yet! 

We arrived and I was so excited for him as he started down the path to register. It was game time! 

Above is a picture of Trey walking to the registration line to check in. The sun was just barely coming up and once I saw everyone pulling up with bike racks it set in how real this was. 

I just can't imagine what was going through his mind right now but the awesome part was even if it was fear or worry he didn't let it hold him back. He took this challenge on like a champ! Number 351 about to take on the race. 

His ankle time chip was on, all numbers were on, and we were set to walk to the beach for the swim. 

Above you can see everyone getting ready to line up for the first part of the race which was the swim.

How amazing are the two photos above with the sun coming up as we prayed over everyone taking part in the day. 

Trey is in line and ready to take off. As you approach you must have your goggles on and ready. 

You can see the real focus and drive on his face. He was ready to take this one!

This is my favorite picture of the day. He didn't let anything hold him back and just ran straight into the unknown of the big SEA! I love how brave he is. 

Once he finished the swim he came to the transition location and picked up his bike to take off on a 12-mile ride. 

Here is another lesson I learned from Trey on this day. Trey was one of the last people to sign up because this was not the triathlon he has been training for. We will take part in that one in late October but my sister helped put this one together so we decided two days before to take part. Crazy I know but that put Trey in as one of the last to take off. Instead of letting his mind play tricks on him and making him feel like he should give up since everyone was already gone he grabbed his bike and took off. 

I think there are so many times that we all let our minds talk us out of doing amazing things. I can tell you that after watching my son take this on with no hesitation I will do the same! 

Here he is coming in after his 12-mile bike ride and will be heading back into the transition location to put his bike back and take on the run. 

Now he is off for a 2-mile run to finish the event. 


Enjoying a nice cool cloth and of course with that amazing metal hanging around his neck. 

I can not begin to tell you how proud I was of the amazing job he did! 

Words can not express how proud we are of him! 

Oh boy and his bike.......oh and his new medal! 

Once we finished the race it was time for lunch at one of my favorite little spots. The food is good but that's, not why I love it. I love the outdoor drapes that look like my screen porch and the view of the water. 

We also came here because Trey wanted seafood but he ordered a hamburger! Hey, it was his day so he could eat what he wanted. 

This was one day I will not forget! 

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See you in the next blog post! 

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