Weekend Getaway to New Orleans

Hello Friends! 

This past weekend we decided to get away for a last minute trip to New Orleans with family. My great aunt lives just outside of New Orleans and we were very excited about the change to see her! 

Of course Binx was going to need to go with us and it was so sweet of my Aunt to say that she did not mind for him to come along. I have to tell you he was the best little boy on this trip. I was so proud of how sweet and well behaved he was. 

As you can see above he wanted to make sure he did not miss out on joining us. He made sure he jumped in my suitcase the minute I opened it. How cute is he!!

The drive over was really nice and the weather was perfect. I always love weekend getaways with Eddie. 

On Saturday we went to The Global Wildlife Center and had the chance to feed the animals  on their trolley. This was so much fun and seeing the animals up close was just amazing. 

My nephews just love Trey and its fun to see how tall he is next to them. I love how they always rush to sit right next to him. 

This was the first deer we saw as we entered  and it was so sweet to see the little baby next to it. The kids just loved it. 

This gives you an idea of what you purchase to feed the animals. We went with the big bucket so we could all scoop our cups in and feed them. 

You have to be careful with this one because they are known as the "Cup Stealer!"

The zebras were beautiful in person. You are not allowed to feed the zebra's because they bite if they like you and bite harder if they dont! 

I always thought that the lamas spit but they only do this if you are mean and really push their buttons. Poor guys really get a bad reputation and it sounds like its not their fault! I cant guarantee this is true but I do know I don't want to test it. 

I think this was one of the biggest highlights of the day. This mommy giraffe just had this baby a week before our visit. You can see the baby standing right next to the mom. What a beautiful site. 

Is he sticking his tongue out at me?

The guide said if you touch his horns you get 7 years of good luck so of course I had to touch them! 

This was such a fun day!

Then we were on our home to all take a nice long shower and it was time to dress up for dinner. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House. 

You can come along and take a look at all the fun we had in the video I put together above. It was wonderful to spend this special time with my aunt and family. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to subscribe so you  never miss out!

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