Silver Serving Pieces From Goodwill and Thrift Stores

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to share my recent Goodwill and Thrift Store haul with you. It's special because Dallas helped me find all of these pieces at local stores in Atlanta. She has so much more to choose from with more locations and larger stores. 

Its been fun looking for each piece because when she goes into the store she will Facetime me and we will shop together. Let me share all the pieces she found. 

You will be able to see the after for each piece toward the end of the post. 

Above is a beautiful creamer that was in need of a great deal of cleaning. I was really excited to see what I could do with it and if it was possible to save it. 

The tray above has to be my favorite piece. I was worried at first because it has what looks like two burn marks on the top of the tray. You can imagine I was very excited to be able to polish them out and bring the tray back to its original beautiful finish. 

The gravy dish above was in pretty good condition and just need a good cleaning. This will be perfect for the holidays or to use for other sauces. I could see this on a dessert bar with hot fudge! 

Now let's take a look at the after with the polished new look! 

I did not have a before picture of this little creamer but the after is just stunning. I love how small and delicate it is. 

Above and below you can see this serving set that she found but what makes it so special is the pineapple that is on each piece. It was made for me! 

She found the little round scalloped dish for a $1.00 and it works perfectly to hold the serving pieces. 

I love this little serving set which is also perfect for a dessert station or anything other creative option. Of course in the video at the bottom of the post, you can see a better and more detailed look at each piece. 

This is a large serving bowl with the lid that I am using as a centerpiece on the table. It's large but still has an elegant look. 

As you can see the gravy bowl turned out very nice and its the perfect addition to my new collection. 

In my next video, I am going to share with you a table tour and share where all the different pieces are from. I will give you a hint.....Walmart and Dollar General! 

Now it's time to see the pieces in a more up close look at the video I put together and shared on my YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss out on fun videos like this! 

See you in the next post! 

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