My Current Favorites

Hello Friends! 

I am excited to share my current favorites with you. These are items that I have found that are making a big difference in my everyday life for both personal and business reasons. 

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I have listed a link to all of my favorite items and they are highlighted in pink.

This has been one of my favorite items that has been a huge help with our travels. Don't get me wrong, it's perfect for every day but it's really been handy for our long rides in the car. It allows you to plug up 6 different devices at once which means no more waiting for your turn. 

You can see more details above but it's very light and perfect for travel. I love how compact it is and with extra features like a sun visor clip it works perfect in the car.

I love this new charging station and it has made a huge difference for me with keeping all of my devices together in one place. It's travel-friendly and that one item that has to sit on my night stand and now has a permanent place there. 
It's compact and it helps remind me to plug up my items at night so they are ready to be used the next morning. I have a very busy professional life and it's important that I have a fully charged phone and Ipad on me at all times. I can not tell you how many times I would forget to plug it up but this problem is solved!

I am so excited that I have been spending a lot of time in the gym with Eddie and Trey and just love it. This item has been a huge help because it lets me make long ice cubes which fit perfectly in the water bottles. I don't have to fight with the square shape and try to chop them up to fit. Love this tray! 

I have really enjoyed using my reusable Keurig cup because it allows me to pick my favorite flavored coffee and have it ground right in the store. I love trying new flavors and this lets me do that. I also found that my coffee budget has seen savings which I also love. 

I have really enjoyed this product. This product claims that the regimen works together to reduce the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles. I am sure you know each product works differently for each person but I am very pleased with the results I am seeing. I mention more about this product in my Youtube video which I shared below but this will be my new everyday product. In most kits, there is always something that you don't plan to purchase again but I loved every piece in this one and plan to purchase all four of them. 

6. Gym Membership

We recently joined a gym and I just love everything about it. I really look time to think about what I was looking for in a gym and made sure it was a match for me and my needs. I have found that I am really enjoying group classes. I am taking Yoga, Bootcamp, Barre Sculpt, and more. 

I find this works great for me because its an appointment I am making for myself and keeping to help with fitness, stress, and over all well being. 

When it comes to a favorite hobby, I am loving everything about the Felicity Jane line. Felicity Jane offers many different products but my favorite is the beautiful paper she has in her collection.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription or just purchase the kits as you see one you like each month. You can also just purchase the paper which is what I did this past month. The paper has to be the prettiest paper I have ever seen and I love working it.

Well friends that is a look at my current favorites. I have put a special video together for you below that you can see a better look at each item. I hope you enjoy but be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on videos I share on my YouTube channel. Also you can follow the blog by email!

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See you in the next post friends!

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