Day Two of Our Atlanta Trip This Month

Hello Friends! 

I wanted to share a look into day two of our recent Atlanta Trip! We had such a great time and made the most of every minute. We started our morning off by going to The World of Coca Cola. Trey and Eddie had never been so it was fun to share this with them. 

The view from the roof top was amazing. Sometimes I think it's worth finding some of the parking garages just to capture the best photos. 

We made our way to The World of Coca Cola and while we waited we had fun with Snapchat and all of the fun filters. 

We had a great time tasting all of the different sodas and taking in all of the different Coke themed items. 

I loved the look of this blue willow style bottle. I guess that comes as no surprise since my guest bedroom makeover is in this style. 

I thought this ticket stand was so cute with the roof shaped like a bottle top. Very creative! 

After a couple of hours at The World of Coca Cola we went for a light lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Legal Seafood. Since we had a big dinner ahead of us I thought a cup of the amazing crab soup would be good along with two appetizers. 

How cute is the order of the Popcorn Shrimp with Buffalo sauce! I am going to borrow this idea for a future dinner party at home.

We also had the Seafood Dip which was amazing as always. 

We were off to dinner and I was excited to wear my new top for the first time. Its very comfortable and is priced right. I picked it up at JC Penny's just a few weeks ago. I paired it with white pants and I loved the look. 

We had a great time at dinner. 

Of course, we had to have a piece of homemade Key Lime pie to end the night. 

We had the best seat in a little corner of the restaurant which was great when you are a vlogger taking video and pictures of every dinner item. I love that my family supports my hobby and knows that I love sharing with all of you! 

Dallas had the cutest cup of expresso which I had to take a picture of it . It's so delicate and cute. 

The next morning we went to the outdoor farmers market and I loved that they are dog-friendly because Binx was able to join us. It has been so much fun bringing him with us on our trips and I know he is also loving it. 

I love the idea of an outdoor farmers market and we enjoyed trying several different items. 

The fresh flowers are beautiful and full of so many different colors. They smelled amazing. 

Now for the fun part, I attached the video I put together of our fun filled day. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun! 

See you in the next post! 

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