My Favorite Etsy Outdoor Pillows That I Plan To Purchase

Hello Friends!

I am working on my patio makeover because this year one of my goals is to really take the time to sit outside and enjoy the quiet time. I wanted to go ahead now and give my patio a complete makeover which I will be covering with you step by step. I recently hung outdoor drapes and I will have a tutorial for you very soon. 

The next step was to cover the chair cushion in a neutral cover which would allow me to use different pillows as my pop of color. I love how they turned out and that will also be in a future DIY post. Here are some of the ideas I plan to go with.  

For my Fall and Winter look, I plan to start off with a black and white theme with a splash of green. I love how having the black and white in place allows me to use other colors to change out as the season changes. 

I love the idea of using the green palm leaves with the black and white stripe. You can find both of these pillows from Rainydaydivine seller on Etsy. I also really like the idea that her covers have zippers which will allow me to wash them. 

She is one of my favorite sellers that I have found because I love how she groups the pillows together which really helps me with different ideas. I can not wait to get my hands on pillow #7 and pillow # 6. 

Look how great all the black will look and how I can visualize what each piece will look like together. 

Now let's talk about some of my favorite Spring and Summer looks that I can use that will allow me to keep my other black and white items in place. I love how soft the blue is with each of these pillows. I really like the idea of matching pillow #11 and pillow #6 together on the different chairs along with pillow #3. 

Look how great these would work for October and November with both Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

These are great for a bright splash of color in the summer. I could see so a fun cookout and use #1 and #4 but then go into December with Christmas. How cute is #7 and #2 paired together! 

After seeing this post I am sure you can see why I am so excited to have a neutral setting so I can decorate with so many different pillow options. Again you can find a link to this seller here. This is not a sponsored post but just someone I found on my own and loved the look of her products! 

Keep an eye out and I will have a post on my new patio! 

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