Lilly Pulitzer Themed Table Setting of the Week

Hello Friends! 

I started a new series on my Youtube channel a few weeks ago with decorating my table and using my pretty things for my everyday life. I have always said that you should not wait for a special occasion to enjoy the pretty things but use them every day! Now I am taking my own advice. 

This has to be one of my favorite table settings with the pops of green and pink. I also love how I used the pineapples as a center pieces with every other plate. My mother made the table runner from fabric I purchased on sale. 

The pineapples are candles that happen to smell amazing but I will not be burning them and only use them as decoration. 

The center small plate is a four piece set from the Lilly Pulitzer collection that I purchased from Target last year. I was so excited to be able to pick up two sets because this was one of the hardest collections to get anything from. I will never forget that day and I actually watched people jump over other people to grab as much as they possibly could. 

You can find the tea pot and creamer from stores like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. The chargers are always on sale at Hobby Lobby. 

We have had so much rain recently and I think that changed the chemistry of the soil and my hydrangea grows white flowers. That is my favorite flower so I had to use it on my table setting just so I could enjoy it every day. 

This little salt and pepper pineapple set is from Cracker Barrel. They have the cutest items in their little store outside of the restaurant. 

My coffee bar is all set and ready for me to enjoy it during the week. 

Come along now and see the table for yourself! 

See you in the next blog post. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow my blog so you never miss out. 

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