Amazon Hiking Wish List with Dallas and Erica

Hello, friends! 

Dallas and I decide to pick out our top four wish list hiking items from Amazon! We can't wait for our next trip to the Smokey Mountains and to have Dallas join us now that she is out of college.  

First, Dallas picked out the Women's Waterproof Jacket in the blue. This is beneficial in so many ways when hiking in the cold or rainy months. 

Secondly,  these tennis shoes are cute yet functional! Perfect for hiking. Adidas Outdoor Women's AX2 Hiking Shoe would make the perfect addition to workout leggings with the third item! Just enough color!

This top is so cute and comfortable looking! Mountains Are Calling Women Relaxed T-Shirt Tee would be perfect as oversized hiking top or even with jeans and some cute flats!

Dallas' last item is this color sling back bag. Women Sling Bags Outdoor Sports Crossbody Bag is a fun way to add color while being able to hold all your items while hiking. 

 I absolutely love Dallas' choices! Now on to my favorites for hiking! 

First, the Hydration Back Pack is a must have for me. It is great having the capacity of 2 liters of water while you are out on the hike. 

Secondly, I like to be safe and prepared when hiking. This hiking knife helps me with both of my objectives. 

My favorite... Luna bars! This bars are delicious and can help you when you're hungry on a hike.

Last, but not least, hiking socks! Hiking Socks are thicker than normal socks. They help prevent blisters, which no one wants a blister after being on their feet for miles on end. 

I hope you all enjoyed learning our Amazon Hiking Wish List! 

Do you have any items on your hiking wish list?

Want to see a little look into our previous trip to The Smokey Mountains....take a look below! 

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