New Keurig Machine Review and Helpful Tip

Hello Friends......

To all the Keurig owners, I  hope you all can learn from me. In the past, I had my black Keurig just plugged up into an outlet at my coffee station. Helpful tip, do not have it plugged up just to the wall! Get a surge protector to have it safely plugged up!

I never would have thought to have a surge protector for my coffee maker, but when you invest in a nicer coffee machine such as Keurig or espresso machine! We protect our televisions, sound systems, and computers so this is the same idea! When we invest our money into electronics for our home, we need to protect them.

Here is a link to some great surge protectors that I found:

Protector One- Link
Protector Two - Link

My new Keurig is here- Link

Now, on to the exciting part!

We purchased the Keurig K250 Single Serve in Sandy Pearl. If you are interested in this Keurig, they are available in multiple colors. 

I love the features of this new Keurig.

First, I love how I put the water in the back of the machine instead of the side. This is beneficial in multiple ways. The other Keurig set-up made it easier to spill the water onto the coffee station. This new version makes it less likely to spill which not only helps the coffee station stay at its best. It, also, saves time by not having to move the whole machine to clean up the water. he reservoir in the back holds 40 oz of water which is between 2-3 days worth for Eddie and me.

Secondly, I love the color. I have been wanting this Sandy Pearl for awhile now. I thought if we already needed to get a new one, why not get the Sandy Pearl? I hope you all love this color as much as I do.

The last thing that I love about this Keurig is the customizable settings. I discussed some of the settings on the touchscreen in the video below. Basically, you can change the amount of the coffee serving size to a bolder coffee setting, and even a hot chocolate setting like the black one we had before.

Do you own a Keurig? 
If so, what is your favorite coffee/tea to make? Mine is anything flavored! 

See you in the next post friends! 

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