June Weekend Visit With Dallas In Atlanta

Hello friends! 

It is a new month! Let's welcome June with open arms and excitement for what is to come. 

One of my favorite parts of the month is to visit Dallas in Atlanta. This trip was Trey, Binx, and me!

I absolutely love my Happy Planner 24 Month Kit that I purchased around the holidays. It helps me keep everything organized. It, also, is so fun to decorate the weeks!

I have always heard of Paper Source, but never have been to a physical store. Dallas told me there was one in Atlanta so we drove straight to one! 

We all know my obsession with pineapples. How cute are these glasses? I just love them! I ended up not purchasing them since I wouldn't have many places to wear them.

Our next stop was the Ballard Designs Store and Outlet. 

The first table that I loved was this blue and white table! Just look at all the small details and how they work together on this table.

Don't you just love how they incorporated this pop of color!

The second table is more of a fall theme. Look how sweet these acorn plates are!

I know some of you commented on how you loved this turtle above from my Instagram post so I wanted to include him here!

Here are some of the pineapples that were in the store! Which pineapple is your favorite?

The third table setting that I loved in the store is this one below. The use of blues, browns, and greens were just perfect!

After a long day of shopping was behind us, Dallas mentioned this ice cream place, Jeni's, to us. We decided to take Binx along for the ride as they had an outdoor patio for us to sit with him. 

They stay open until midnight on weekends. This Jeni's is next to a restaurant with upstairs bar. They had live music which just made the atmosphere even better!

Look how darling the snapchat filter is for the area!

Jeni's ice cream is definitely a must to go try. You can tell the ice creams are definitely freshly made. It was absolutely delicious. While I was with Binx outside, Dallas and Trey got the ice creams for all of us. They even make their own waffle cones. 

This outdoor patio area was just beautiful. It was a great atmosphere to sit outside, listen to live music, and have yummy ice cream. 

Look how sweet my Binx is being! He absolutely loved being around all the people. It was great to see! He definitely will be coming on all of our Atlanta adventures. 

Look at my yummy white chocolate mint ice cream in homemade waffle cone! 

The next day...
I feel like we have started a tradition with Davinci's Donuts. They are just delicious. 

We bought (from top to bottom and left to right) Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Iced, Boston Creme Pie, Lemon Bar, Sprinkles, M&M, and Samosa. 

I hope you enjoy our trips to Atlanta as much as we have! You can see the video of the weekend HERE.

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