Easy Rice Cooker Recipe Ideas Guest Post by Dallas

I recently purchased a rice cooker that has a steamer as well. I wanted to look and go outside the box for some different recipes than just a Mexican rice bowl. Here are some of the recipes I found.  I can not wait to give all of these a try. 

This first recipe will definitely be a must try for me in the next few weeks! This cheese and broccoli quinoa casserole  looks absolutely amazing and it only has 6 main ingredients! This would go well by itself or you could even have a protein with it!

This second recipe has only 6 ingredients as well! It has shredded zucchini in it. I would make this dish and add shredded chicken into it. Would be delicious! This cheesy garlic zucchini rice would, also, taste amazing with some balsamic chicken. I would make this with brown rice instead of white rice. 

I am a huge fan of beef and broccoli! This recipes looks incredible. This would require more than just your rice cooker to make, but it looks like it is worth it. This beef and broccoli would be perfect when you want to just run into a restaurant but don't want to spend the same amount to make multiple meals on just one meal. You, also, get to know what exactly goes into the meal when you prepare it.

This recipe would require a slow cooker and rice cooker. These chicken teriyaki bowls would be perfect for a lunch to heat up at the office. I would definitely make this as a go to recipe. 

Hope you all enjoy! If you have any recipes that you like to make with your rice cooker, put them down below! 

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