Day One of Our Mountain Getaway to Legacy Mountain Resort

Hello Friends......

 We just came back from the most amazing getaway to the Smokey Mountains. I enjoyed every minute of the fresh air, long hikes, and shopping! I bet if you asked the boys they would say some of the shopping involved long hikes! :) 

I thought I would share a few pictures from our trip. 

The view on the way up was wonderful and to see for miles and miles and really set the tone for the entire trip. 

We stopped and had lunch at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. This was recommended by a coworker, and it seemed to be a very popular spot. We enjoyed good home cooking style food and I love everything with apples. 

 After enjoying lunch we walked across the street and walked along the stream that was running downhill and sounded amazing. 

Of course, I had to snap a few photos since the view was so beautiful and calming. Anytime I can get Trey to pose for a picture I am grabbing it! 

 The water sounded just like one of the noise machines people purchase to put in their bedroom to help them sleep. I could have pulled up a chair and sat for hours. 

We took the time to walk around the property and I was amazed at how much they had to offer with so many different shops. We bought the best chocolate dipped oreo cookies that they make right on site. 

Then we arrived at our cabin that I rented for the next 8 days. The view was more than I ever imagined and we were all just blown away. 

One of my favorite features was the hot tub on our 2nd-floor balcony. We enjoyed this every single night after long hikes in the mountains. 

The boys immediately started a game of pool even before we took the bags out of the car! 

The wood finish throughout the cabin was beautiful, and with so many windows the light filled the room. The sun just felt and looked amazing. 

We had one master bedroom and Trey slept in the upstairs loft which was perfect for kids of any age. 

The family room had a gas fireplace which we also enjoyed a few nights because the temperature reached the mid 50's. 

The kitchen table was right near the window and allowed you to enjoy the view breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The kitchen was a perfect size and we cooked several of our meals which is a huge savings with not eating out. 

The picture below sums up how relaxed the mountains were and how they really set the tone for such a peaceful evening. 

This was our view the next morning. Would you believe this photo was not photoshopped in any way and I took it with my cell phone? This was the fantastic view we had almost every morning.  

 I love how every cabin was stacked which helped with privacy and left your view open to enjoy. 

I would always take a look at the hot tub before we left for a long hike and know that I would reward myself after a great day of hiking in the mountains. 

Below is the information of the cabin we stayed in. 

Below you can see Day One and Day Two of our vacation. Take a look and I promise you will feel like you are on vacation with us! 

I hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow for more! 

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