Our Final Day on the Carnival Dream Cruise

Hello Friends.........It's time for a recap on our last day on the cruise. We had such an amazing time and I am already planning our next cruise. 

On of my favorite memories will be the view from our balcony that Eddie and I enjoyed every day. I loved sitting out and listening to the water while sharing special times with Eddie. 

I love how the cruise lines make sure the bring each holiday to you while you are on the water. We have been on a cruise during Easter multiple times and this time we were on during St Patricks Day and they went all out. 

Each night it was so much fun to see what new character we would have in our room. We went from monkeys to crabs. It's funny that I thought this was a frog at first but everyone quickly agreed with Eddie that it is a crab and I can see that now. 

Eddie and I enjoyed the shows each night, and that is also one of my favorite features about a cruise. We go to the early dinner at 6:00 and then go to the show right after dinner. I love this because I don't have to stay up too late. 

We also enjoyed the comedy shows two nights during our trip. They were very funny and I love that one show is for the family and the later show is for the adults. This way the kids can be part of the fun. 

They also had the Pig and Anchor spot which featured BBQ and it was good. Eddie picked up a plate for me on the last day and the chicken was very tender. I also liked that it didn't have that deep smoked flavor and you could pick which style of sauce you like. I like a sweet sauce and not a vinegar base but you could pick either one which was a great feature. 

Since I reached the gold level with Carnival, I had a coupon for a free drink. I picked a chocolate martini and oh my goodness it was the yummiest treat! Would you look at how pretty it is!

You can tell I had a lot of fun practicing my photography skills and I can only imagine what people were thinking as I sat there for 10 minutes taking pictures of every angle of the glass. All in the day of a blogger. 

He paid attention to every detail all the way to the chocolate swirls inside the glass even before putting the drink inside. 

Dinner was great and I had the prime rib. I must say 6 our of 7 nights we were very happy with our meals. They really did a great job! 

Our water so much fun and we really enjoyed him! I know that Eddie loves connecting with the staff every night and every detail they put into making you feel so special. 

We really had such a great time. I love every trip I can plan with Eddie and I take in every minute. He really is my best friend and I feel so blessed! 

Here is a look at our final towel which was a heart with a little note from Carnival telling us how much they enjoyed having us. 

Come along and watch the awesome video I put together and you can see how much fun we had on our journey. I can not wait to book our next cruise! 

See you in the next post! 

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