First Time to Visit Key West While on Cruise

I was very excited for our first stop on the cruise which was to Key West because it was my first time to visit. I made sure we were up early so we could catch the sun coming up which we could see from our balcony. We also had an 8:30 excursion to catch that I was very excited for so I did not want to be a minute late. 

The view from the balcony was fantastic as it overlooked the Port in Key West. Of course, it was fun to see the amazing yacht that was sitting just under us. You really could not appreciate how big it was until you were off the ship and standing next to it. 

We were very excited to start our excursion which I can't recommend enough. It was a hop on and hop off tour throughout Key West that makes 8 different stops and you can come and go as you please. This was just what I wanted, and I loved every minute of it! 

We had the chance to see several special locations that Key West is known for and every tour guide we had was very knowledgeable about the area. 

This is the famous final mile marker zero that lets you know you have come to the end. 

This is their one and only movie theater. 

I thought that dog was real at first until I went back and looked at my photos. I was amazing at how he was being so good! 

You know I love churches, and this one was beautiful. Next time we go I hope to have the chance to tour it. I am looking forward to visiting again now that I feel very comfortable with the layout and how to move around the city. 

I made sure that one of our stops was at the beach. Now, of course, the beach is nothing new for me since I live an hour away from some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen but I thought it would be wonderful for Eddie and me to group a couple of photos of the beach in Key West. 

We found the sweetest young girls that offered to take our picture so when they finished we took their pictures. I was surprised I forgot my tripod but the sand would have been an issue anyway so this worked out perfect. 

The trees were beautiful and I loved walking down the street and being surrounded by them. They made you feel like you were on vacation. 

We took the time to see the famous point which puts you 90 miles from Cuba. We didn't stop to take a picture of it with the two of us because the line was very long but this one was all right for me. Hope this couple doesn't mind that they will be our moment in time that we drove by it! 

We stopped by the famous Kermit Key Lime Pie Shop to have Key Lime Pie and it was very good. You can't go to Key West and not have Key Lime Pie! 

Would you look at this tree, its the oldest tree in Key West. 

I love this picture that Eddie and I took in front of this well-known statue. It was the perfect way to end our adventure in Key West. 

Here is a look at the dress I wore for dinner on this night. Its a new dress that I picked up at Ann Taylor and I felt like it was the perfect cruise dress. It was very comfortable and the color scheme worked out great. 

Dinner was very good and I have to say I was very impressed with it every night. They did a great job all the way around. I had a roast that was very tender. 

Eddie had the steak and potatoes. 

I had cheesecake for dessert. 

Eddie had the peach cobbler. 

Then we were off to a great magic show. I loved catching a show every night after dinner. 

When we arrived back to our room we had this cute guy waiting on us. He was one of my favorites. 

I know you will love the video I put together of our adventure so sit back and have fun watching as you come along with us to Key West. 

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