Plan With Me Session With Video Included

Hello Friends......

I am having so much fun working with a planner this year. I love sitting down on Sunday evenings and planning out my week and finding ways to be as creative as possible. This really helps me stay focused during the week and accomplish all of my task and goals that I lay out for myself. 

I can honestly see a huge difference between the weeks when I plan and create a list of what I need and what to accomplish and then what happens when I just go with it and I don't have a laid out plan. I am so much more productive with a laid out plain. 

I have also started laying out weekly goals as you can see here on the side of my week. This week I have 5 goals that I wanted to accomplish. 

1. Drink more water
2. Have quiet time for prayer time and bible study I am working on. 
3. Keep up with my meal plan which has been a huge success. 
4. Continue to clean my home in zones. 
5. Get my steps in! 

By laying them out on the side of my planner it keeps them in front of me every day. This allows me a better opportunity to accomplish them. 

I have also started creating photo sheets to remember special events during the week. This has been an amazing way to unwind but also to keep my memories at my fingertips. This was my first sheet that I have created and I love the way it turned out. 

I am using the paper sets from a subscription with Felicity Jane. Her papers are beautiful and very high quality. Each month I get so excited to see what she will bring out next. 

My new find for the week that I have added are my templates to be able to draw items in my planner. I have all of the details about these in my video which you will see at the end of this post. They have been a lot of fun to play with 

You will have to leave me a comment and let me know if you enjoy having time set aside to plan and organize your week! 

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my planning session that I had this week! Be sure to follow my blog and Youtube channel so you never miss out!
Come along now and you can see the video of my planning session! Enjoy! 

See you in the next post! 

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