Felicity Jane London Kit Review

Today on my Youtube channel I shared the release of the Felicity Jane London Kit. I am so excited about using this kit as I make sure I keep photos from special moments in my life. I have found I post so many to Instagram and I keep a copy on my hard drive but I want to make sure I have pictures on hand to pass down to Dallas and Trey so they can hold onto the memories forever. 

I love everything about the Felicity Jane line. I just happened to stumble across the kits one day when I was looking for pretty stationary paper to use for my pictures as a background. The presentation when the kit is delivered is fantastic. The black and white striped box is so cute. My heart just skips a beat when I pull into my driveway and see the box waiting on me. 

Look how cute the polka dot paper is when you open the box. The little black bow is the perfect touch and it feels like Christmas morning opening it! 

I am new to stamp kits and I really like the quality of her stamps. The words fit my lifestyle and are very well made. If you have tips on stamping for someone new like myself I would love to hear them. 

The kit also comes with these cutaway stickers. I am looking forward to putting my cutting skills to the test and following the straight line. My hope is this new project will have the same benefits as the adult coloring books do and I will find it very relaxing. You will have to leave me a comment and tell me if you work on projects like this to destress. 

There are so many cute embellishments in the kit and I can not wait to come up with different designs for each item. 

These small index cards are very cute and my plan is to use my wallet size pictures with these as the background. 

Each paper has two different sides and the top photo is one side and the bottom photo is the back. The papers are just gorgeous. 

You also receive the solid color sets and they have two color sides that pair with the set perfectly. 

I have a great video link here which will let you see each item with a more in person style view. Each piece is very pretty and I can not wait to use them all. 

See you in the next post. 

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