Day One on Our Recent Carnival Cruise

Hello Friends.....

We had an amazing time on our 7-day cruise with Carnival on the Dream Ship. This was a cruise that my company put together with about 45 couples, and we had a blast. I thought I would share a few days of our photos and of course, at the end of each post, I will have an awesome video for you to have the chance to come along with us for fun! 

The picture above is the very first picture I took as Eddie and I had just loaded the bus and we started on our journey! 

I must admit that I have had so much fun reading all of your comments as you have followed along with the daily videos I put together. Your words are just so kind! 

I knew I wanted to come back and share lots of video and pictures with you for the blog but I am one that sometimes forgets to snap the picture while I am filming so be sure to check out the video for lots more! 

Here is a look at the downtown New Orleans area that we could see from the front of the ship. 

We saw a great view of the bridge in New Orleans as the ship makes a complete turn and takes us out of the port to start our cruise. 

One of my favorite videos that I had the chance to put together was my nightly outfits. This was so much fun to share so be sure to check it out! 

Now let's talk about the food! 

At dinner, Eddie ordered the most amazing Smoked Gouda Quesadilla that was very good and below you can see I had the shrimp cocktail. 

The beef was wonderful and so tender with an amazing gravy. This was the perfect way to start the first night of the cruise! 

Eddie had a baked chicken with vegetables that was also good. 

For dessert, Eddie enjoyed a cheese tray and I had a great chocolate plate of yumminess! 

I was so proud of us for staying up for the comedy show and we did not go to bed until after midnight. That was after getting up at 5:00 am and losing an hour because of the time change. We were one tired couple! 

The room with the comedy show had a Mardi Gras them with the most beautiful mask that went around the entire room. I loved every single one of them. 

This one had to be my favorite, and I loved the size and how he had such a presence on the wall. At night the backlight would shine through them which made them even prettier. 

They even add the extra touch of having the roof painted with several masks which were just stunning. There were several different paintings and you would find a seat and just admire how beautiful they were. 

Now come along for the journey of day one with us and have a blast for the week! I am really proud of how my work turned out from each one of our days on this cruise. I know you will love how you feel like you are right there with us on this vacation. 

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