Costco Wire Mesh Basket Made Into a Gift Wrapping Station

Hello Friends......

I have been on the hunt for a way to keep all of my gift wrapping items together and in one place but not take up an entire room. I know we would all love a gift wrapping room in our home but I must admit I am very happy with how this turned out. 

Costco has this amazing mesh drawer organizer at a $38.00 price point which is perfect for a project like this. This would also be great in your pantry, laundry room, or bathroom for extra storage. 

Eddie put this together for me because I will admit that putting items like this together is not something that I enjoy. I love the part that comes next which is organizing it! There is just something that I find so much fun with organizing. 

Eddie said it was very easy to put together. The parts came in the separate bags and labeled which made it very easy and took no time to assemble. 

He was so sweet to take pictures along the way as he put it together. He wanted to make sure that each one of you saw how it looked during the process. I am telling you that he is the most amazing man! 

Here is a look right after he finished. The depth of each drawer is great and really does hold a lot. You could use this for so many different projects and I am very excited to have this one for my ribbon and gift wrapping items. 

As you can see below I put it in place in my guest bedroom closet and I love how organized all of my ribbons are now. I have them in groups to match different holidays and themes. They fit perfectly in each drawer. 

I placed a large Rubbermaid bin behind the drawer to hold my wrapping paper. Now everything is organized and I can go right to what I need when it is time to wrap presents. I can not wait for Christmas to come this year! 

You can see that everything fits neatly in my closet but still leaves plenty of space for my guest. It was very imporatnt to me that I didnt make my guest feel like they were taking up space in my home and this really accomplished that. 

Here is the next best part!!!! I was able to do away with all of these boxes there were holding my ribbons. There were so many boxes that they came to my shoulder. The bad part of this is how much space they took up but also I could never see what I had and which ribbon was in which box. 

Here is a look of each box just before I unpacked them. They took up the entire bed because there were so many. You might be asking why I had so many ribbons but you will soon see with all of my Christmas videos that I love to wrap my presents with ribbon bows instead of store bought bows. I love to give each one of my presents that personal touch! 

Come along now and you can see me put everything together with this awesome new stand! Be sure to subscrine to my Youtube channel so you never miss out! 

See you in the next post! 

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