A Look Into Day Two on the Carnival Dream Ship

Hello Friends.....

Above is Chris our cruise director and he did such a great job! This picture is from when I met him as he passed by when Eddie and I were eating at the Sushi restaurant. He saw my camera and shared with us that he is a vlogger on Youtube and of course I quickly shared that I am also! 

It was fun to have that connection. Every time Eddie and I saw Chris around the ship he would always say, "Hello Mrs. Erica" which as you know is my Youtube name. 

During lunch, Eddie and I ordered Ship for Two which actually come out on a ship and was so much fun to share. Can you believe what a cute idea this is!

I put my chopstick skills to work and I have to say I did pretty good but only because Eddie is such a great teacher. 

The ordering process was a lot of fun because you take the menu and check off what you would like to order. I love when things are interactive and allow you to be part of the process. 

The chef sent over a little appetizer to eat while they prepared our lunch. I always think that's such a great feature. 

Later that night we went to dinner at the Steak House and it was such a fun treat. I wore one of my favorite dresses and we had such a great time. 

This is a special treat from the chef and it's a Lobster BLT. This had to be one of the best BLT sandwiches Eddie, and I have ever had. We both agreed that we would have ordered this on its own if it would have been offered on the menu. It was amazing! 

I had to share this picture even though the color is off from the dark restaurant but I am 100% there with having to keep a pair of reading glasses for me to see the menu. I think it is so cute because if I forget my pair or if Eddie forgets his we are always borrowing each other's glasses. I love how cute and romantic that is! 

Eddie and I both enjoyed the Lobster Bisque as a starter. It was very creamy and one of my favorite items to get whenever we visit the steak restaurants on any cruise. 

The Ceasar salad was very good and you could tell the dressing was made fresh. 

We both had the Surf and Turf with Lobster and Filet. It was simply amazing. 

Dessert was really a special treat as we both picked out the Chocolate Sample Platter. 

The night ended with the perfect sunset. This is one reason I love to have a balcony room is to be able to sit out and enjoy the view! You  have a chance to be away from the business of life and just catch your breath. 

Come along now and enjoy the day with us! 

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