Target Threshold New Collection Review and Haul

Hello Friends....

The Threshold company from Target brought out a new line recently and I just love it! It has everything I love from black, white, and gold with a touch of stripes and polka dots. The quotes are adorable and who doesn't want a cup to greet them in the morning with "Hello Gorgeous."

This pillow is also one of my favorite pieces from the collection. I love the size and how full it is. The gold writing and black dots go without saying how much I love it! 

Above you can see an idea of what the endcap at my store looks like. Everything is just so cute and perfect for your any spot in your home. One point I want to is this end cap was in the very back of my store near the furniture so keep your eyes out. It's like a hidden secret. 

The day Eddie and I were in Target he is actually the one that found this end cap and showed me. I loved both of them but at first, I only purchased the white with gold dots. The next day I quickly regretted not purchasing the gold striped cup so I went back and picked it up. 

As you can see they have several other pieces in the collection from water bottles to candles. 

I am really love everything about these adorable cups and I felt like the $7.99 price was good for a nice heavy ceramic cup. They are dishwasher safe but I will tell you that Eddie and I hand wash mine. I want to get the longest use out of them and it takes no time to wash them.  

You can check out a detailed review of these in my video from my Youtube channel. 

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