My Thoughts on the HP Sprocket Mini Printer

Hello, Friends......Let's talk pictures!

This year I have given myself the challenge to stay in the moment and capture as many memories as possible. Once I capture the moment I want to be sure and print my photos to place in a photo album that I will be making. I can't wait to share this project with you every step of the way!

I feel like this project is going to help me slow down and live in the moment. Now that I have a daughter that will be graduating college in just a few months I can see that time flies by so quickly and I want to take it all in. 

I purchased the HP Sprocket Printer to help me with this project, but unfortunately, I have decided to return it. Here are a few reasons why I feel it's not going to work for me.

*I found that it printed my pictures with a dark tent and adjusting the color was not a user-friendly task. 
*I had a lot of trouble printing straight from my camera roll. 
* When I printed straight from Instagram my picture had the white bars running along the top and bottom which made my picture smaller. 
* Each picture is going to cost me .99 cents which will add up very quickly with the size project I am working on. 
* I did not find an easy way to have HP Support help me with my issues. Also for the instructions I had to go to their website and search. No instructions come in the box. 

 I will say there are a few positive points:
* It's compact and convenient. 
* I can print and have right then. 
* It's rose gold....need I say more! 

Even with the positive points, I can bring myself to pay .99 cents per photo for the quality that it delivered. 

To help me make my mind up on what was going to work best for me I also had my pictures printed at Walgreens so I could compare. I am very pleased with the photos from Walgreens, and the price point is better. 

Each photo from the HP Sprocket is going to cost me .99 cents, and the 4x4 from Walgreens will cost .39 cents. The 4x6 wallet page, when broken down for each picture, is .24 cents each. That's a huge cost difference for the size project that I have. 

I plan to mix and match my sizes between the wallet and the 4 x4 photo that you can see above. I think the look of mixing the two sizes will look great in my album.

Above are a few of the photos I posted on Instagram this week that I had printed on the 4 x 4 size which turned out so cute! Be sure to follow me at Mrs.Blessed101 on Instagram so you never miss out on the cute pictures!

Above you can also see that the sheet with the four photos which is from Walgreens turned out great when it comes to the color. With the photos from Walgreens to get this in a wallet size you have to print a 4x6 sheet which gives you 4 wallet photos. The price comes out to be .24 cents each. 

Be sure to check out the video below so you can get a better idea of my thoughts on this product. 

Hope you enjoyed the review and I will see you in the next post! 

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