Felicity Jane Sophie January Paper Set

Hello Friends....

I am excited to share today's post with you! I am taking on a new project with printing my Instagram photos and placing them on a new insert that I will be putting in my planner during the month. 

Once the month is over I am making a photo album with each sheet. I capture so many amazing memories that I share on Instagram and if anything ever happened to Instagram I don't want to loose them. Now during the week, I will be printing my photos and they will be right at my fingertips. 

Felicity Jane is a company that I discovered a few weeks ago while searching for "pretty" stationary paper. The minute I saw this I fell in love! For the month of January I purchased the paper only kit and in February I will be sharing a review with you of the complete kit. You can see all of the prices on their website but I am very pleased with the price points. 

I love that each paper has a different front and back look. Above you will see one print and below I flipped each sheet so you can see the back. This is going to be great as I make each sheet for the weeks in my planner. You also receive the stickers that you cut out and use as you want. 

Below you will see one of the sheets that have several small index size sheets that will be perfect to use as a background for my photos to add contrast on each sheet. 

Another great feature of this paper is on the bottom is this strip that you can cut and decorate each page with. I love how this gives each page a different look. 

I also ordered the solid color sheets so I could use on some of the busy pages to help the photo's pop off the page. I can not wait until you see how everything comes together. 

Above you can see the pastel colors on the front page and below you can see the bold colors that are on the back. 

I hope you enjoyed a look at the paper sets I picked up from the Felicity Jane Sophie kit. Be sure to check back when I share the entire kit with you. The February kit is named London so it should be pretty amazing! Check out the video below for a better look. 

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