Cleaning Series || Medicine Cabinet Clean Out

Hello Friends! 

It's Friday, which means its time for me to share with you what our weekend project is going to be when it comes to organizing and cleaning our home. This weekend it's time to go through your medicine cabinet. It doesn't matter if you keep your cabinet set up in the kitchen or bathroom but let's clean it out and organize!

I keep all of our medications, victims, and supplements in one of my extra kitchen cabinets. By keeping these items near where I prepare my meals it helps me remember to take them. 

I found that when family and friends came over for gatherings everything was exposed. Now I know we all use products like Tums and Advil but I do like to be a little discrete with my cabinet. 

I love these awesome lined baskets at Target and they worked perfectly. I went with three different sizes to add a fresh look to the inside of the cabinet. 

Be sure to check out the video link below but you will see that I keep two baskets on the bottom shelf. This allows Eddie to have a basket and one for me. Of course Trey shares a basket with Eddie because he doesnt have many items. These are items that we use every day and need at our fingertips. 

On the second shelf, I keep those items that we might need during the week or month. This is the ice pack, Advil, and Tums. 

I am very pleased with how this turned out. Nothing falls out of the cabinet when you open it, I know that everything is within the proper dates, and it is all hidden away but in an organized way for us to find it. 

Below you will find the video that takes you through each step on how I accomplished this look. You can set this up with any budget and purchase your baskets from The Dollar Tree, Walmart, HomeGoods, or Target.

The video is a must see to help you with setting up and organizing your station. 

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss out on tips and ideas. I love the idea that we are all working together this year to put our house in the best order possible. Great job everyone! 

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