Birthday Fun and A Look At Mardi Gras

Hello Friends! 

It's one of my favorite times of the year.....My Birthday and this year it was one the same day as my mom's parade. Let's start with my morning, I received the Bose Headphones that were on my wishlist! I do a lot of video editing, and comfort is a must. The sound quality really is amazing with these they block out sound which allows for such a clear clean sound. I travel often and I know these will come in use. 

Then I was off to work and how cute was my office decorated. Balloons, banner, and donuts! I work with the sweetest people that make work so much fun! 

I must admit the donuts were amazing but I did make the girls in the office share them with me since we are all on Weight Watchers.....:) 

Then we were off to the Parade! 

We went to my parent's balcony room which is right at the start of the parade. It's the best view of the night! 

Here is a look at the South Alabama Band coming down to line up and give a Pep Rally before the parade. They did an awesome job. 

All of the generators that are used on the back of the floats. The drive them down the road connected like you see and attach them as they go. You know its time when you hear them crank them! 

Each float is very colorful and you can see how full the streets are as all the people are lined in rows. 

We had a blast watching all of the activities from the room. I must be honest that this is my favorite way to take part instead of getting in the crowds. 

The boys and can you believe how tall Trey is! I can not believe he is finishing his freshman year of high school. 

Come along for the fun as I share everything with you in the video link below. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on any post or video. We have lots of fun! 

See you in the next post! 

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