Etsy Planner Sticker Haul Review

Hello Friends.....

This month I purchased some fun new items from Etsy for my planner. I have found that I am really enjoying using a planner and I really like adding a small touch of pretty to it. Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for items that have that special touch. 

The stickers above are from the shop owner Luckety. You can find her shop here- Luckety Shop

I am using the stickers above for goal tracking which I line up on the side of my Happy Planner. One set is the filled in and the 2nd set is the shadowed which allows me to write in. 

The set above is from her Romance Kate and I love everything about it. I can not wait to use this set this week. 

Above you can see a look at her Valentine set which is perfect for Spring and Summer and not just during the Valentine holiday.  I used them last week and they look amazing. 

The next company I purchased from which you will see in all the photos below is Knockout Print Shop. You can find their link here- Shop

I love everything about the cleaning bottles and I actually use my set to mark the zone I cleaned that day. I will go into more details later about my zone cleaning but it has been a huge help for me to break my house up into zones and clean a little each day instead of trying to take on one major cleaning day. 

I purchased the weights above in hopes that if I bought them I would need to use them! That means planning out days for the gym. Oh how I hope I run out of these stickers soon because that means lots of days working hard to get in shape! 

The cameras are the perfect sticker to help me track my video postings and film days. Tracking video days are must because time can get away from you and before you know it a week has gone by with no new postings. 

The banner flags are perfect for a today list. The idea here is not laying out to many items in a day to do. Keep it simple but productive. 

I love these walking shoes and they really do motivate me to get out and walk. I can not tell you how theroputic walking is for me. I love the health benefits and how it just clears my mind. 

You can see a little look into my planner with out the stickers work so great for me. I love having goals in front of me and knowing what is on my list. 

I also purchased this washi tape from Washi Supply Co and you can find them here- Shop

I love these the stripes and floral print of each one of these and the price is great. The devliery was very fast and I cant wait to order from them again. 

Here's to lots of planning to come our way! 

You can see the complete video of each item with more details below. 

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Birthday Fun and A Look At Mardi Gras

Hello Friends! 

It's one of my favorite times of the year.....My Birthday and this year it was one the same day as my mom's parade. Let's start with my morning, I received the Bose Headphones that were on my wishlist! I do a lot of video editing, and comfort is a must. The sound quality really is amazing with these they block out sound which allows for such a clear clean sound. I travel often and I know these will come in use. 

Then I was off to work and how cute was my office decorated. Balloons, banner, and donuts! I work with the sweetest people that make work so much fun! 

I must admit the donuts were amazing but I did make the girls in the office share them with me since we are all on Weight Watchers.....:) 

Then we were off to the Parade! 

We went to my parent's balcony room which is right at the start of the parade. It's the best view of the night! 

Here is a look at the South Alabama Band coming down to line up and give a Pep Rally before the parade. They did an awesome job. 

All of the generators that are used on the back of the floats. The drive them down the road connected like you see and attach them as they go. You know its time when you hear them crank them! 

Each float is very colorful and you can see how full the streets are as all the people are lined in rows. 

We had a blast watching all of the activities from the room. I must be honest that this is my favorite way to take part instead of getting in the crowds. 

The boys and can you believe how tall Trey is! I can not believe he is finishing his freshman year of high school. 

Come along for the fun as I share everything with you in the video link below. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on any post or video. We have lots of fun! 

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Girls Weekend Full of Fun

Hello Friends....

Today I am busy updating my blog after a fun filled weekend with Dallas. For anyone that is new to my channel and blog, I have a daughter in her senior year of college. This weekend I went to visit her and we had a great time and of course I wanted to share a few photos. 

Above I grabbed a quick picture of us while we were out shopping. This tree just said everything that would make a perfect backdrop so we grabbed a quick picture. Well, I take that back.....there was nothing quick about it because I made us take it five times until I was able to get the sun just right. We all do that right?

We had lunch and Dallas gave me my birthday gifts which I loved everything about them. You can see what she gave me in the video at the end of this post. Perfect gifts! 

The bag she wrapped everything in was adorable and it said, "You are kind of a big deal!" So cute. 

That night we went to the movies and saw La La Land. I really enjoyed it but if I had to explain why I would have to say because it was not like anything I had seen. I am not big on musicals but this kept my attention and I really enjoyed it. 

The soundtrack is still playing in my mind, and I might actually purchase it. I can hear the song, "City of Stars" playing in my head now. 

The next morning we went for breakfast and coffee and I had so much fun with Snapchat. I really am a 12-year-old young girl at heart. The good thing is my family just goes along with it. :)

The picture above is well ......just because. Do you really need a reason when it comes to snap chat?

I love a good crown any day of the week! 

After a fun filled weekend, I was off Sunday afternoon for a business meeting. Just a busy bee these days! 

I loved the look of the downtown area. I would love to live in the downtown area of a busy City and have the chance to walk to work and then walk to a local restaurant afterward to sit and enjoy live music. Sounds great, doesn't it! 

Be sure to watch the video I put together of our fun weekend. You will want to subscribe so you never miss out on the fun! 


Target Threshold New Collection Review and Haul

Hello Friends....

The Threshold company from Target brought out a new line recently and I just love it! It has everything I love from black, white, and gold with a touch of stripes and polka dots. The quotes are adorable and who doesn't want a cup to greet them in the morning with "Hello Gorgeous."

This pillow is also one of my favorite pieces from the collection. I love the size and how full it is. The gold writing and black dots go without saying how much I love it! 

Above you can see an idea of what the endcap at my store looks like. Everything is just so cute and perfect for your any spot in your home. One point I want to is this end cap was in the very back of my store near the furniture so keep your eyes out. It's like a hidden secret. 

The day Eddie and I were in Target he is actually the one that found this end cap and showed me. I loved both of them but at first, I only purchased the white with gold dots. The next day I quickly regretted not purchasing the gold striped cup so I went back and picked it up. 

As you can see they have several other pieces in the collection from water bottles to candles. 

I am really love everything about these adorable cups and I felt like the $7.99 price was good for a nice heavy ceramic cup. They are dishwasher safe but I will tell you that Eddie and I hand wash mine. I want to get the longest use out of them and it takes no time to wash them.  

You can check out a detailed review of these in my video from my Youtube channel. 

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