Create 365 Planner Review from Costco

I am very excited about my new planner I picked up this past week from Costco in this kit set up. For 2017 I wanted to move towards a planner to track of all the Youtube and Blog items I have going on. Now that I am two weeks into it I can honestly tell you that I love everything about it. 

The kit is perfect for the planner that is just starting off because it comes with stickers, pens, and washi tape. I find that each day I am so excited to use it and I feel very creative which is perfect for someone like me. 

I am very happy with how the pens write. I had no issues with this running through the pages or causing issues with getting ink on my hands or the other pages. 

The planner also comes with several stickers and two folders with pocket. I love the green pop of color and black polka dots with stripes. 

I also went to Hobby Lobby this week and picked up a 3 pack of covers which I am very excited about. I love the idea of being able to change it out with no problem. If you do this don't forget to use your coupons! 

This week I am using the black and white striped cover with my gold band. 

The inside of this new cover is very cute with the little hearts. I also love my notebook that fits right on the inside because I am always taking notes. 

Here is the exciting part! I am going to start sharing a Plan With Me Youtube series during the month. This will let you see how the previous week went and what I plan for the upcoming week! I am very excited about and hope it not only motivates me but helps you! 

Come take a look below at my video as I walk you through the kit! If you feel this is something you would enjoy I would check out your Costco quickly. I also saw that people posted them on Ebay but it looks like they are double the price so be careful. 

I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can come along as I share my Plan With Me Series! 

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