Halloween Party Drink Recipe - Frankenstein Bites Ideas for Guest

It's time to share another fun Halloween Party Drink with you. This one was so much fun to make with Trey which you will see in the video at the end of this post. We had an absolute blast making all of the fun items! 

You will need:

 Sprite, Grenadine, cute cups, and syringes. I picked up my syringes at Party City. I was very excited to find the cute lab glasses in the Dollar Section of Target. I showed Trey and he agreed that they looked like something that came right out of his lab at school. I found these on Amazon if you can't find any at your Target. Glasses Link

Here is a link on Amazon for the Syringes. Link

To start fill your glass with ice. The ice cubes help make the red liquid mix with the Sprite slowly which gives a cool affect. 

Fill your glass with Sprite but leave enough room for the syringe to sit in the glass so your guest can put as much liquid in as they would like. 

Fill your syringe half way with liquid and sit inside the Sprite. The presentation is very cool and fun for the guest of all ages. 

Slowly squeeze the liquid in and it will mix with the Sprite in a cool way. It looks like Frankenstein got a hold of it and took a bite! 

It's very yummy and I am sure it will be a hit at your party! 

Cheers to a fun Halloween Party! 

I hope you enjoyed this post along with all of the other fun Halloween Treats we made this year. To search the previous Halloween post just type "Halloween" in the search bar. 

Be sure to click the video link below and come along and see how much fun we had making our treats! 

See you in the next post friends! 

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