Halloween Party Drink the Pumpkin Smash

Are you ready for a fun Halloween Party Drink? This is the one you should try, it's the Pumpkin Bash! It's also perfect for after dinner as a dessert drink that you and your family can make together. This will be our go to Fall Dessert drink from this point on. 

You will see in the video below that Trey, and I had a blast making these and designing our cups. The key is to have your cup look like a pumpkin because after all, it is the Pumpkin Blast drink! You can pick these cups up at the Dollar Tree. 

Look how cute your guest will be sitting at your table with their little pumpkin cups enjoying this sweet treat! You can also make it fun and have your guest design their own cup. Maybe even have a contest and give a prize to the winner for the person that creates the cutest cup. 

Here is what you will need and the steps to take. First, you can purchase your small plastic cups from almost anywhere, but I found my set at the Dollar Tree. For a pack of ten, they were $1.00. Also, you will need a black permanent marker to draw your pumpkin face on the cup. If you were going to have your guest draw their pumpkin face sit a marker by each seat at the table. 

Look how cute that little face is.....no worries you can clearly see that I am not an artist so you will absolutely be able to do this. 

Fill your cup up just a little with orange soda but make sure to leave plenty of room to put your ice cream in and then top again with orange soda. 

Place your scoop of ice cream in the cup and then top with more soda. 

The fun part is the soda will bubble up and make it look just like the title, A Pumpkin Smash! 

These are very yummy and the perfect party drink or just something fun to make with your family as a sweet treat! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the video below to come along and see the fun we had putting all of this together! What a blast! 

Here is a look at the bar cart that I mentioned and shared in the video above. I just love the way it turned out!

Hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow with more fun! 

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